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Chairs in the School Ranked from Most Comfortable to Least Comfortable

by Yardena Carmi 1. Writing center chairs 2. SREP chairs 3. Library chairs 4. Chinese room chairs (best of all the language rooms) 5. Cafeteria chairs 6. Art room stools 7. Round-backed chairs… Continue reading

How to Tell if You’re Actually a Goat

by Yardena Carmi Check any that apply: You will chew on anything. You have square pupils. You often scream at the sky. People have told you that you have awful body odor. You… Continue reading

Some Comics You Could Read Right Now if You Wanted

by Yardena Carmi Comics. They’re pretty great. Whether you’re an old fan looking for the next thing to read or someone just trying them out, this list of suggestions from a school-wide survey (and… Continue reading

7 Things All Basketballs With Faces Know to be True

by Yardena Carmi, Illustrations by Kathy Wang 1. People do a double-take. 2. Contouring is a challenge. Especially since you don’t have hands. 3. As well as finding flattering clothing. 4. This is what… Continue reading

Open Letter to Marshmallows: A Fluff Piece

by Yardena Carmi Dear Marshmallow, First of all, why? And how? Marshmallows are about the most improbable food item I could think of. Quick research (thank you, Wikipedia) shows that the preparation of… Continue reading