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Laurie Anderson: Heart of a Dog

by Vala Schriefer Laura “Laurie” Anderson is a performance artist who celebrates and uses nearly all types of art media. She mixes robotic-like sound loops, electronic tones, and often monotone vocals in her… Continue reading

A Shadorma

by Vala Schriefer  My Experience Writing a Shadorma: A Shadorma is Spanish poem with six lines per stanza. The poem form originated in Spain. Little is known about the origins of the poem.… Continue reading

Untitled [Comic]

by Vala Schriefer

Mark Mothersbaugh: The Contemporary Devolution

by Vala Schriefer Mark Mothersbaugh lives the life of an artist. He acts on spontaneous whims and encompasses what he believes is living “creatively”. Mothersbaugh has not only designed, but has expanded upon… Continue reading