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Concerts: Spring/Summer 2016

by Val Mischka It’s officially Spring and only 1 month until summer! With school out that means time for concerts! This year there are amazing artists coming to Ohio in the next few… Continue reading

Oscars Recap

by Val Mischka This past Sunday was the biggest day in Hollywood, the 88th Academy Awards! There were many memorable moments, surprises, and laughs this year. Chris Rock hosted and did a fantastic job! Stacey Dash… Continue reading

Things to do Alone on Valentine’s Day

by Val Mischka Valentines Day, it’s either the most romantic or the loneliest day for you. If you’re going to be alone this year, here are some things you can do to make… Continue reading

Wednesday Evening

by Val Mischka Wednesday Evening Thoughts   I try to concentrate, But I fail miserably. All I think about is last night at 11:15, when you said “you should leave,” And so I… Continue reading

The Anticipation of Getting Your License

by Val Mischka There are many perks to sophomore year: for example, not having to worry about the SAT or the ACT, not having to think about college, not being a freshman anymore,… Continue reading

Halloween Recipes

by Val Mischka Happy Halloween! October is the month of treats and candy, so here are few delicious and fun recipes you can make this month! Enjoy!   Reese’s and Pretzels Witch Brooms… Continue reading

Featured: Spring and Summer Concerts 2015

By Val Mischka Only two more months of school left! Time for sunshine, shorts, fairs, ice cream, and concerts! Here is a list of a few upcoming concerts happening this spring and summer… Continue reading

Top 5 Super Bowl Ads of 2015

By: Val Mischka Congrats to the Patriots! Sorry Seahawks, but Katy Perry topped your Super Bowl performance. The Super Bowl has to be one of the biggest events in the U.S., since pretty… Continue reading

Thoughts of a Netflix Addict

By: Val Mischka I am a proud Netflix addict, and here are some of my thoughts while I’m instant streaming. 1) I have a free during X maybe I can watch just one… Continue reading

Hipster Heaven

By: Val Mischka I went to Portland, Oregon over Thanksgiving break and while I was there I felt like I was in a Twilight movie. Portland is home to hipsters; everyone there wears… Continue reading