Juice Cleanses

by Taylor Herrick There always seems to be a new health trend each year that entices many with its almost impossible promises. The latest one that has been everywhere is the juice cleanse. Juice cleanses are supposed to provide a detox of your body that will result in weight loss, increased energy, improved skin, and... Continue Reading →

Spotify vs. Apple Music

by Taylor Herrick, Marisa Lancaster, and Christine Coyne Since Apple’s recent release of their new music-streaming app, Apple Music, you may have felt conflicted as to where to keep your music listening priorities, Spotify or Apple Music? We interviewed some students and looked into both of the apps to see what both Apple Music and... Continue Reading →

Interviews with HB’s Spring Captains (again)

by Ellie Cascio and Taylor Herrick Spring has finally arrived at the Hath!! We interviewed the captains (again!) of Softball, Lacrosse, and Track and Field on their spirit animals, pre-game rituals, and more! Softball: Maren Butler, Maggie Philbin, and Kenzie Berk Lacrosse: Katie McCann, Madeleine Danes, Libby Cha, and Molly Coughlin Track and Field: Abbey... Continue Reading →

Blazer Basketball 2015 Wrap Up

By Ellie Cascio and Taylor Herrick This year the Blazers had an amazing season, ending with the title of District-Runner Up. Being such a young team, the Blazers grew and excelled on the court. As a spectator, the chemistry these girls had by the end of their season was remarkable. Heading into next year, the... Continue Reading →


By Ellie Cascio and Taylor Herrick “Even Joe Vogel loves it” This past weekend we went to the Choolaah, a popular new restaurant whose cuisine is an Indian-spin on fast food. Located in Orange Village, Choolah is delicious and easily accessible to many. Getting rave reviews from everyone, Choolaah is definitely a place you should... Continue Reading →

Winter Sports Captains Interview

By: Ellie Cascio and Taylor Herrick We interviewed the Basketball and Swimming & Diving captains on their spirit animals, pre-game rituals, and more! Swim Captains: Catherine Mullen (‘15), Iman Eulinberg (‘15) Diving Captain: Emma Bryan (‘15) Basketball Captains: Jordan ElHindi (‘16), Kenzie Berk (‘17) Q: How long have you been playing your sport? CM: I... Continue Reading →

Sports Scores October 13-17

By: Taylor Herrick and Ellie Cascio Field Hockey: Varsity: Lost, Friday vs. Maumee 3-2 JV: Lost, Tuesday vs. Hudson 3-0   Tennis: Varsity: Saturday, Lauren Gillinov Singles State Champion! Saturday, Ally and Catherine Doubles State Runners Up!   Volleyball: Varsity: Wednesday, Beat Orange in 5 games   Soccer: Varsity: Saturday, Beat Edgewood 8-0   Cross Country:... Continue Reading →

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