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Cleveland Go Bragh

by Christine Coyne and Marisa Lancaster Irish or not, St. Patrick’s day is here and we have great ideas to help you celebrate. Whether you like being trampled by festive crowds or sitting… Continue reading

Semester School Recap: Claire Martens, HMI

by Marisa Lancaster The new semester not only brought a new grading period and the Hath Caff, but also the return of four students who returned from their semesters away. It’s been exciting… Continue reading

The Need for Comprehensive Sex Education in All Classrooms

by Marisa Lancaster The United States’ high teen birth rate can be widely seen in our everyday lives, whether on TV in shows like 16 and Pregnant or The Secret Life of the… Continue reading

Spotify vs. Apple Music

by Taylor Herrick, Marisa Lancaster, and Christine Coyne Since Apple’s recent release of their new music-streaming app, Apple Music, you may have felt conflicted as to where to keep your music listening priorities,… Continue reading