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Dress Code and Body Image

By Leonela Serrano At HB, we are privileged to have a relatively lax dress code. We can wear what we want (for the most part). We don’t have the same worries as some… Continue reading


By Leonela Serrano It’s the same feeling that you got when you were little and sunk to the bottom of the deep end of the pool during the last hour of summer open… Continue reading

Body-Shaming at Hathaway Brown

By Leonela Serrano In my four years at HB, I have been privileged to find myself in a space where girls offer support to other girls in all aspects of life but, I… Continue reading

Cute Stationery Finds on Amazon

By. Leonela Serrano Muji Muji Clear Ballpoint Pen I bought these pens the start of junior year and haven’t had to buy any new pens since because they’re still working. The colors are… Continue reading


By. Leonela Serrano I’ve just been writing really little short stories, more like vignettes. They’re fictional but they’re inspired by what I’ve been going through and I try to capture really relatable moments.… Continue reading

Bucket List

by Leonela Serrano Every single person I know has a bucket list and it seems that a lot of them have the same goals which seem to have become incredibly generic but hold… Continue reading

Great American Dynasties

by Isha Lele and Leonela Serrano Although the United States does not have a royal family like our friends across the pond, certain American families continue to dominate political power after decades of… Continue reading

Problematic Sports Logos in Modern Society

by Isha Lele and Leonela Serrano After the creation of the NCAI, or the National Congress of American Indians, it is often perceived that racism doesn’t exist in American culture due to the increased law… Continue reading

The John Oliver Effect

by Isha Lele and Leonela Serrano Throughout time, comedy has been the source of relief and laughter for people – essentially an escape from reality. However, comedians often have an even larger impact… Continue reading