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Philosophical Musings with Laura

By: Laura Mueller Stop signs. What are they? Do we ever, truly stop? How are we expected to stop in this life of fast-paced consumerism on our silly planet going over 1000 mph… Continue reading

7 Incredible Life Hacks

By: Laura Mueller and Rebecca Weinberger 7 Incredible Life HacksTM Accept the inevitable. How to Make a Mug Cake (A Cake in a Mug) VOICE:  There are three ways to make a mug… Continue reading

A Complete Blow by Blow Account of the Showdown Between Paula Deen and Vladimir Putin (ACBBASBPDVP)

By Laura Mueller and Rebecca Weinberger   paula uses: butter barrage putin uses: leftover WMD’s from Cold War paula uses: leftovers putin uses: racism paula uses: racism –  paula and putin strike up… Continue reading

If Aliens Started Attending Hathaway Brown School for Girls (a few brief situations that would arise)

By: Laura Mueller and Rebecca Weinberger International Relations The Center for Global Citizenship changes its name to Center for Universal Citizenship to appease all students. Joe Vogel announces trips to Mars, Neptune, and… Continue reading