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AJAS Recap

By Kavya Ravichandran Electing to spend Valentine’s Day at a science conference, six science-y upper schoolers attended the AJAS annual conference with adult chaperone extraordinaire Dr. Crystal Miller: We left bright and early on… Continue reading

Junior Fears/Senior Responses

By: Kavya Ravichandran Source: Google Images


By: Kavya Ravichandran and Haley Yahraus ISRAELI CULTURE CLUB: As you well know from history class, the Mediterranean has long been the crossroads of the world. Curious to know more about people other… Continue reading

iDon’t Speak to My Friends

By: Kavya Ravichandran   This is 2014, and smartphones are all the rage. If you’re not constantly Snapchatting from your iPhone or tweeting from your Android–let’s face it–you’re archaic. I mean, who doesn’t… Continue reading

Are You For or Against the Dress Code?: A Look at Both Sides

PRO: Kavya Ravichandran CON: Lizzie Poulos PRO: We all seem to think that HB’s dress code is oppressive and closed-minded. We can’t wear jeans or sweatpants or leggings or, really, anything comfortable. I… Continue reading

Course Scheduling 101

By Kavya Ravichandran Know what you still need in terms of graduation requirements, especially if you are a sophomore or junior. You don’t want it to be the middle of your senior year… Continue reading

How the Typical HB Girl Manages her Homework Load

By Kavya Ravichandran Ride home: The hunger is unbearable. Why do we have to have school until 3:17? Why not 3:00? Even 3:15? Today is an exception in that I can go straight home… Continue reading