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Egypt: 5 Years After the Revolution

by Isha Lele and Gigi Protasiewicz On January 25th, 2011, Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt, flooded with millions of protestors and demonstrators that demanded the government for their freedom and dignity back in… Continue reading

Speech and Debate: Post-Season Update

by Isha Lele and Gigi Protasiewicz Here at HB, there are so many clubs and teams to join that it’s hard to keep up with everything! Sometimes, it’s easy to overlook things because… Continue reading

Great American Dynasties

by Isha Lele and Leonela Serrano Although the United States does not have a royal family like our friends across the pond, certain American families continue to dominate political power after decades of… Continue reading

Problematic Sports Logos in Modern Society

by Isha Lele and Leonela Serrano After the creation of the NCAI, or the National Congress of American Indians, it is often perceived that racism doesn’t exist in American culture due to the increased law… Continue reading

The John Oliver Effect

by Isha Lele and Leonela Serrano Throughout time, comedy has been the source of relief and laughter for people – essentially an escape from reality. However, comedians often have an even larger impact… Continue reading

The New iPhone 6S

by Isha Lele and Addie Klimek On September 19th, Apple released their newest technological innovations, the iPhone 6s and 6s plus. Although from the outside the iPhone hasn’t changed much from its previous… Continue reading

Meeting the New Senate

by Isha Lele and Gigi Protasiewicz The 2014-2015 school year is quickly coming to an end and it is time to move on. Although we will miss Alyzah, all the seniors, and project… Continue reading

2016 Presidential Race in a Glimpse

by Isha Lele and Addie Klimek Are you constantly hearing about the 2016 Presidential election in the news, and have no idea what is actually happening? It may seem far away, but it’ll… Continue reading

Quiz: What Speech/Debate Event is Right For You?

By Isha Lele and Gigi Protasiewicz Take This Quiz To See Which Speech/ Debate Event Suits you! https://www.playbuzz.com/ishalele10/what-speech-debate-event-is-right-for-you

Looking Back: 2014 at the Hath

By: Maggie Amjad and Isha Lele 2014 was another long, hard year for all of us, but filled with many good memories made with our friends and families. Although the world ending back… Continue reading