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Interview with Millie Privitera—Mythologist and Artist

by Haley Yahrus Millie Privitera is an HB student, musician, and athlete, but most notably is an artistic genius and mythologist. Q: What first got you interested in mythology? A: Oh God um, so, when… Continue reading

Interview with the Brilliant Mr. Adler

by Haley Yahraus Mr. Adler is a higher math teacher at HB, an experienced Taekwondo fighter, and overall a really neat guy.   Q: Why did you decide to become a math teacher? A:… Continue reading

Interview with the Ingenious Melody Buca—Artist Extraordinaire

by Haley Yahraus What were your first experiences with art? Once I asked my mom to show me—because all the kids in school knew how to draw a heart, and she showed me how… Continue reading

Mars and Terraforming

by Haley Yahraus In 1971, Mariner 9 orbited Mars and took pictures that implied running water once existed on the planet’s surface, prompting plans for future Mars missions. A mere four years later, in… Continue reading

Political Cartoon

by Haley Yahraus

if we were honest about conversations with crushes

A Comic by Haley Yahraus

Staying Positive During the Fall and Winter

By Haley Yahraus With the bitter and brisk cold, the shorter days, the lack of sun, and the dread of midterm exams looming over us, it’s nearly impossible to stay positive during the… Continue reading


By: Kavya Ravichandran and Haley Yahraus ISRAELI CULTURE CLUB: As you well know from history class, the Mediterranean has long been the crossroads of the world. Curious to know more about people other… Continue reading

Soldier On, Freshman!

By: Haley Yahraus From every time period recorded in history and within every place known to the world, age-related prejudice has affected nearly all people born into ordinary lives. One of the points… Continue reading