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Knitting is Not Just for Grannies

     by Emma Esteves       Ever since I was little, I always fell into a deep trance whenever I entered the craft store. After coming through the double sliding doors, I… Continue reading

Top Ten Things That Should Stay in 2017!

by Lila Williams and Emma Esteves Thigh High Boots Although these might have been the “big fad” last year, these hip high boots look very uncomfortable. How are people supposed to move around… Continue reading

9 Things to Know about Ms. Day

By: Hannah Ryan and Emma Esteves As students, we always wonder about our teacher’s lives, we have asked them, so you don’t have to. We started off by interviewing Ms. Day, a history… Continue reading

Volunteering with Youth Challenge

By: Emma Esteves One incredible thing about HB is that it provides girls with amazing opportunities. This past month, the Youth Challenge organization came in to train a group of enthusiastic individuals who… Continue reading

Cross Country Overview

By: Emma Esteves  When the bell rings at 3:19 every afternoon, everyone goes to their specific places. Some flee to the library, while others head out the door. There are the girls that… Continue reading