Corona’s Effects on Sport Seasons

by Lucy Castellanos Throughout the past couple months, the athletic world has been forced to adapt to the sudden outbreak of COVID-19. The burning question in everyone’s mind was, “Should athletes be able to play in the midst of a global pandemic?” On one hand, sports like tennis, golf, and swimming require no contact among... Continue Reading →

My Pandemic Coping Mechanisms!

By Violet Webster When a global pandemic starts raging outside your door and you are no longer able to spend time in person with your friends and family, you start to develop some habits you never would have dreamed of having. Or at least I have. So, here are some of the things I’ve been... Continue Reading →

My New Normal

By Violet Webster Two months ago, most of my school days consisted of the same routine. Wake up at 6:30, drink coffee, make the forty-five-minute drive from my house in Chardon to Shaker Heights where I would start my day working at Prime Before School Club. I would then run from the Prime music room... Continue Reading →

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