La Niña after El Niño

by Claire McKenna The weather phenomenon of this winter, El Niño, has been very controversial in the eyes of American citizens. Some love the unusual warm weather in the winter, while others are still hoping for the temperature to drop and the snow to come. However, everyone will be surprised to know that just when we thought the... Continue Reading →

Haiti vs. the Dominican Republic

by Claire McKenna The United States of America is one united country that has a territory of about 3.806 million miles. All citizens are under a single government and follow the same laws. Now imagine living on an island that is half the size of Ohio, but that island is divided into two different countries. This... Continue Reading →

An Overview of ISIS

by Claire McKenna What is ISIS? ISIS is an extremist Islamic-faith based group that has created its own state by taking advantage the weak government of the Iraqi county and the Syrian civil war. It was formed by former members of Al Qaeda in Iraq, military soldiers who previously fought against the 2003 invasion of... Continue Reading →

Invisibility Cloak comes to the Real World

by Claire McKenna Currently scientists are in the process of making every Harry Potter fan’s dream come true by developing the world’s first invisibility cloak. Almost every person who has either read the Harry Potter series or seen the movies would know how amazing this is. In the series Harry used his invisibility cloak to... Continue Reading →

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