Why Does Everyone Love Fall?

By: Claire Adornato Every year it seems that everyone is exorbitantly excited for fall, and this year it’s made me ponder. I too truly love fall; but what is it about fall that is so appealing? Do people genuinely love the season? Or is it merely because it’s trendy with pumpkin and apple spiced everything?... Continue Reading →

How to Survive Midterms

Make a Study Calendar: Making a study calendar is so helpful. It helps you break down what you need to do so you don’t look at studying as an impossible task. We recommend using your planner or printing a calendar and make a list of all class topics and divide it by the amount of... Continue Reading →

Tips on How to Get Organized

by Claire Adornato School can be overwhelming sometimes, and on top of that is family and friends too.There is just so much stuff going on and so much to do. And let’s be honest it is so much easier to get things done when you’re organized. However, being organized takes some effort at first, but... Continue Reading →

2018 Spring Fashion Trends

by Claire Adornato Spring is right around the corner, once Cleveland decides to make up its mind. So it’s time to put away those chunky sweaters, and get some cute trendy spring clothes. Spring fashion for this year is definitely exciting, so you have to know the trends so you can be apart of it!... Continue Reading →

8 Reasons Why Every Girl Loves Fall

By: Claire Adornato Perfect Weather It’s not too cold nor too hot. Fall weather is just right. Girls don’t have to worry about constantly sweating, or looking like a burrito wrapped in layers. The temperature creates a sense of coziness, warmth, and comfort. Clothes The clothing for this time of the year is absolutely perfect.... Continue Reading →

Being a Freshman

By: Claire Adornato Yay, it’s freshman year! I’ve heard of all the pros and cons, but it is definitely not the same as experiencing it. You wonder about so many things. What if the teachers don’t like me? Do we get an excessive amount of homework? Freshman year is filled with new experiences and ideas.... Continue Reading →

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