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Supreme Court Status: It’s Complicated

by Carly Wellener Several weeks ago, on Saturday February 13th, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away while on a hunting trip in West Texas. Even before Scalia’s funeral the following week, tensions were, to say… Continue reading

Lights, Camera, Cleveland: The Cleveland International Film Festival

By Carly Wellener             The 39th Cleveland International Film Festival (CIFF) wrapped up its showings on March 29th in Tower City. This week long extravaganza is the most fun a movie buff could… Continue reading

What Went Down at the 2015 Grammys: A Brief Summary

By: Carly Wellener Taylor Swift wasn’t having none of this interview in which she was asked if she’d be taking home more than a Grammy tonight, probably “Many men.” Kanye almost pulled another… Continue reading

How to Cope with Loss: T.V. Shows Ending in 2015

By: Carly Wellener Your favorite T.V show might be ending this year and here are some tips on how to cope with these tragic losses: Glee 2009-2015 Glee is entering its final season,… Continue reading

Q & A with the Australian Exchange Students

By: Carly Wellener This past November and December, sophomores Hannah Selhorst, Emma Picht and myself hosted three students from Ravenswood School in Sydney, Australia for five weeks. Hannah hosted Ali Westmore, Emma hosted… Continue reading

What If Scary Stories Took Place at the Hath?

By Carly Wellener The Legend of the Sleepy Hallway (aka Sleepy Hollow) There would be no “Sleepy Hollow” out in the woods. In the Hath edition, this story would take place in the… Continue reading


By: Carly Wellener and Faith Griggs Libra- (September 23- October 22) You will step on a forgotten tomato in the lunch room. When this happens, you will be nowhere near the salad bar… Continue reading

The Groundbreaking Anti-Social Media Device!

By Carly Wellener Do you find the never-ending action of social media simply exhausting? Are the stresses of having to make decisions about what to retweet, “like”, or reblog becoming too much for… Continue reading

Freezing and Curious: Polar Vortex Basics

By Carly Wellener Unless you’ve been living buried under piles of homework for the past few months, you’ve probably noticed the brutally cold weather we’ve had this winter. Going with the assumption that… Continue reading

Sushi, Henna, and Dreidel: The Heritage Dinner 2014

By Carly Wellener It was an amazing sight to see. A buffet loaded with different and delicious foods from around the world winded through the dining hall fulfilling any enthusiastic eater’s dreams. If… Continue reading