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1984, 34 Years Delayed

by Alison Xin In certain Chinese cities, the government has implemented a public safety program that feels decidedly “Big Brother”-esque. Millions of cameras across the country send real-time surveillance data to law enforcement.… Continue reading

State of Surveillance

By Alison Xin Chances are, with the Hawaii missile panic, DACA, North Korea, and a plethora of other crises piling up recently, the passing of Section 702 has flown under your radar. I… Continue reading

Merry Christmas Everybody! A Short Story

by Alison Xin The Head of Marketing announced a pop-up meeting on November 1st. More than half of those who showed up looked absolutely demolished, probably from staying up too late going to… Continue reading

HB Tips for Students 2 | Bathroom Cleanliness

By Alison Xin I attended a public elementary and middle school before enrolling in Hathaway Brown. Though a private school certainly has its advantages over the public school system, bathroom upkeep is not… Continue reading

HB Tips for Students 1 | The Dining Hall

By Alison Xin Ah, the lunch room. The watering hole of the educational savannah. Continuing this metaphor, the behavior of students in the dining hall and servery seem to resemble animals rather than… Continue reading

How to Dance like a Peacock Spider

by Alison Xin *Warning: the following article slowly becomes more deranged. Viewer discretion is advised. So this is it, huh. You’ve tried everything to woo that special someone, but nothing has worked. Flirting,… Continue reading

Comic Series #2: How Death Almost Got Trump

by Alison Xin

Comic Series #1: Life and Death–Trumped

by Alison Xin We all know that Trump ruins everything for everyone. Apparently, this also includes personifications of abstract metaphorical concepts.

Gaming, Gift-giving, and Going Ham

by Alison Xin It was the autumn of my 8th grade year, and I was about to jump face-first into the most intense social responsibility known to awkward tweens – selecting the perfect birthday… Continue reading