My Son Is Tamir Rice

By: Kacey Gill I’m sitting here, staring at my laptop trying to motivate myself to write an article about the American male and the rape culture that surrounds us in this day and… Continue reading

Featured Music: The Moxies, Nat & Alex Wolff, and Hozier

By: Savannah O’Sickey Have you been looking for new music to add to your Spotify playlists, 8track stations, or iTunes library?? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this is… Continue reading

Breaking News: A Feature on the Broadcasting Club

By Molly Coughlin Lights, Camera, Action! The WCC, the broadcasting club, is filled with high-tech cameras, large lights, computers used to edit videos into pieces of art, and even a green screen! The… Continue reading

QUIZ: What’s Your Chill Level?

By: Lauren Battle We all know that life can be stressful. Teachers giving homework, tests keeping getting crazier, and everybody’s complaining. Some of us are masters at handling these situations, while others can… Continue reading

Octagon: An Addicting Game That Math Teachers Might Like

By: Sukhmani Kaur Yes! NOOOOO! I CAN’T BEAT THIS, IT’S SO HARD! OMG I’M ON LEVEL 500! Over the past few weeks, these words have echoed in the atrium, the student center, and… Continue reading

HB in Retrospect vs Buzzfeed

By: Crystal Zhao HB in Retrospect is our school’s beloved equivalent to a newspaper, filled with entertaining tidbits that never fail to delight. We post everything from news commentary to guides for fruit… Continue reading

Miss A Day? Don’t Panic!

By: Roxana Moazami We’ve all been there: that moment when you’ve missed one day of school and feel as if you’re completely behind.You then suddenly realize that you have double the homework the… Continue reading

Are You “Down To Chill”?- An Interview with Cleveland Marketing Rep Morgan Austin

Interviewers: Bridget Babcox and Lizzie Poulos We sat down with Morgan Austin, Teen Cleveland Ambassador for the new social networking application “Down To Chill” or “DTC” for short. Morgan Austin is one of… Continue reading

QUIZ: Which Yankee Candle Man Candle Are You?

By Becca Lambright and Bessie Toohey Because nobody wants a candle scented like girly stuff.

5 Ways to Stay Warm in CLE

By Maya Razmi Fall is over, and now it’s time for winter in CLE. Here’s some ways to stay warm at the Hath and at home. Food. I’ve seen more than a few… Continue reading