By Ellie Cascio and Taylor Herrick “Even Joe Vogel loves it” This past weekend we went to the Choolaah, a popular new restaurant whose cuisine is an Indian-spin on fast food. Located in… Continue reading

The Return of Harper Lee

By Crystal Zhao Nelle Harper Lee, recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom and author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel To Kill a Mockingbird, has been a staple of American literature since the… Continue reading

The Fight Against ISIS

By: Addie Klimek I’m sure by now all of you well informed global scholars at Hathaway Brown have heard of the terror acts from the Islamic state, also known as ISIS. The most… Continue reading

An Unforgettable Trip to Cuba

By: Roxana Moazami This past winter break, my family and I took a risk that few Americans do. We went to Cuba. Ironically, when we came back, we heard on the news that… Continue reading

February Funk

By: Maggie Amjad There is no way to describe this time of year besides depressing, especially when we have only had two snow days. It’s almost as hard to focus as it is… Continue reading

Downton Heinen’s?

By: Catherine Mullen There’s now less time to wait as the Heinen’s in downtown Cleveland will be opening its doors a month ahead of schedule on February 25th. Heinen’s is located in a… Continue reading

11 Things You Only Know If You Live More Than 5 Minutes Away From HB

By: Alley Keresztesy You can’t leave after 7:00. Oh, you got up at 7:45? Haha, I was up TWO HOURS BEFORE YOU. You’ve got a list of places to stop for breakfast when… Continue reading

Questions with Featured Clubs: Spectrum

By: Anna Lietman and Evie Schumann This past Tuesday, we had the privilege of speaking with Francesca Ferri, one of the four presidents of Spectrum. The others–Amber Glendell, Laura Mueller, and Bessie Toohey–tragically… Continue reading

The Importance and the Best Ways to Stay on Top of Current Events

By: Kat Holleran and Maaryah Malik In the midst of many current events, it seems that many get lost, buried, or ignored. Often times, we brush off current events and turn our heads… Continue reading

Starting the Year Off With a Little Note

By: Katrina Frei-Herrmann and Brett Parsons Here are some short tidbits on ways to survive second semester 2015 that we’ve gathered from our time thus far in the Hath’s Upper School! Go home and… Continue reading