By: Megan Dorogi   I see it, all the time. Him outside my door in a dark gray T-shirt, knife in one hand hammer in the other, moments from shattering the fragile doorframe and… Continue reading

Cafeteria Etiquette: Basically How to Be Kind in the Dining Hall

By: Anna Fiscarelli-Mintz Oh, the dining hall. That lovely place of food, camaraderie, and perpetual chaos. It serves hundreds of students, teachers, staff and guests all day every day. And while lunch is… Continue reading

The Girl Who Needs A Strict Bedtime (Or a Candy Bar)

With winter rolling in and snow storms just around the corner, we have finally finished our first quarter of school! Congratulations to everyone who has made it this far without procrastinating on their… Continue reading


By: Kavya Ravichandran and Haley Yahraus ISRAELI CULTURE CLUB: As you well know from history class, the Mediterranean has long been the crossroads of the world. Curious to know more about people other… Continue reading

The Unicorn Update

By: Amanda Merritt As YOUR programming captain for the 2014-2015 season, I’m going to keep you updated on the preseason, build season, and competition details of YOUR robotics team!   Current Season: Preseason… Continue reading


By: Isabella Nilsson What is death? Do words after it make sense is there a black man at a black typewriter saying it is his turn to come along her turn to sing… Continue reading

Cross Country Senior Night+ Pumped Up Runners= Victory Over Mags!

By Katrina Frei-Herrmann Oh, Senior Night. Such a marvelous night, full of teary-eyed Seniors, cheery freshmen, and stressed out Juniors. For the Cross Country Team, Senior Night was a happy, victorious night with… Continue reading

TOP 10 Photos From Falling into Fall Photo Contest

Thank you to all who submitted to the photo contest! We had over 110 ENTRIES!!  Presenting the top 10 photos! Congrats! 1st Place; Alley Keresztesy (11th Grade) 2nd Place; Lauren Kahn (12th Grade)… Continue reading

VIDEO: The Do’s and Don’ts of Parking at the Hath

By Lizzie Crotty and Kelsey Rich

Interviews with the Fall Sports Captains

By Ellie Cascio and Taylor Herrick As the fall seasons come to a close, an era has ended for these fall captains. Get to know them below! Field Hockey Max Meals is found… Continue reading