Breaking the Mold

By: Jordan Doak If you look around the student body at HB, you’ll notice that everyone’s hair is significantly below their shoulders, with very few exceptions. If it’s in a ponytail or a… Continue reading

Color Blocking

By: Gracie Mowery I’m far from professional- but after a prompt for the notorious Jmo, I can confidently say I learned something when it comes to art. I don’t know the technical name… Continue reading

The Best Snacks in the Brown Bag

By: Molly Coughlin   When you give an HB girl a snack card, she’s going to get a snack. And once she gets a snack, she’s going to need a beverage to go… Continue reading

BCA: Till Earth and Heaven Ring

By: Faith Griggs On Friday the 6th, the Black Cultural Awareness club (BCA) held the annual Black History month assembly. For those who missed it, the assembly was a mix of different forms… Continue reading

Quiz: What Speech/Debate Event is Right For You?

By Isha Lele and Gigi Protasiewicz Take This Quiz To See Which Speech/ Debate Event Suits you!

Top 10 Most Attractive Athletes of 2015 (According to Izzy)

By: Izzy Catanzaro

Must- Follow Instagram Accounts

By Molly Sharpe and Megan Derogi Looking for some inspiration for a good laugh? In the realm of social media, it can be hard to spot fun accounts to follow. Here’s something that… Continue reading

Junior Fears/Senior Responses

By: Kavya Ravichandran Source: Google Images

Seeing Teachers in Public

By Rachel Lowrie Why is it so uncomfortable to see teachers in public? We sit together for 50 minutes each day, yet when we see them outside of the classroom we don’t know… Continue reading

You Are Not Your Score

By: Isabella Nilsson There’s a disease haunting the halls of Hathaway Brown School. It’s not mono. It’s not the flu. It’s not senioritis! It has to do with standardized testing season. As the… Continue reading