Why I Don’t Want a Phone

by Brice Bai This is the age of technology—nowadays, it’s not even an uncommon sight to see even young toddlers tapping away at their own mobile devices. Adults and parents are checking emails… Continue reading

A Fall TV Show Guide

by Molly Gleydura and Stephanie Zhou Shows to Watch Once Upon a Time Once Upon a Time is a show about storybook characters living together in a small village in the real world. The… Continue reading

Gun Control in the US

by Maggie Cha I recently came across an interesting article in the New York Times, “The Myth of the Autistic Shooter,” which was written in light of the recent school shooting in Oregon.… Continue reading

Fall Podcasts Review

by Crystal Zhao Any time is podcast time, but autumn is an especially superb season for enjoying the art of audio media. School and associated activities are taking up more and more time,… Continue reading

Am I shallow?

by Cassandra Lis Humans are attracted to things that are, well, attractive. To them at least. It’s just like how blue jays are attracted to shiny objects. We, as a species, also tend… Continue reading

Dateline: Planned Parenthood

by Nell Bruckner There has been a lot of debate recently over allegations that Planned Parenthood was illegally trafficking body parts of aborted fetuses. These allegations have sparked a re-emergence of the abortion… Continue reading

School: A Universally Different Institution

by Katrina Frei-Herrmann This summer, I travelled to Berlin, Germany, to visit family who live there. I have been to Germany many times, since almost my entire family lives there, but this trip… Continue reading

Love Wins

by Camryn Parsons June 25th, 2015, was a day to remember. On that day the United States same-sex marriage was legalized and our country was changed. Finally, thousands of people were officially allowed to… Continue reading

Vinyl Records: A Retro Return to the Music Industry

by Audra Keresztesy In an age of YouTube and iTunes, it’s rare to purchase a physical copy of the newest music by your favorite artists. Before music was online, there were CDs. People bought… Continue reading

Hath Caff

by Alanna Brown and Fatema Uddin The arrival of the highly anticipated Hath Caff brings with it the joy of quick coffee breaks with friends and pumpkin spice lattes year round. We interviewed… Continue reading