Robotics Team Update: October 2015

by Chloe Schwartz The Ingenuity Fest is held every year at the Great Lakes Science Center in downtown Cleveland. It’s a festival that brings together innovators, dreamers, and makers of all kinds, celebrating creativity and all… Continue reading

The Hidden Horrors of Animal Life

by Camryn Parsons Today, the majority of the world’s population consumes meat. Most of these meat-eaters are not aware of where their food is coming from or what kind of life it lived. This… Continue reading

Nature Appreciation

by Sukhmani Kaur A crinkled water bottle with water droplets clinging to its insides stands proudly on a smooth, shiny table. After some time, a careless human picks up the empty bottle and chucks it into… Continue reading

Untitled [Comic]

by Vala Schriefer

What to do in Spain and Portugal

by Gabriela Cruz This list has the top activities, foods, and sites for your first trip to Spain. 1. Try tapas (small meals or snacks that are served with a drink). The best tapas are jamon… Continue reading

Gaming, Gift-giving, and Going Ham

by Alison Xin It was the autumn of my 8th grade year, and I was about to jump face-first into the most intense social responsibility known to awkward tweens – selecting the perfect birthday… Continue reading

Mark Mothersbaugh: The Contemporary Devolution

by Vala Schriefer Mark Mothersbaugh lives the life of an artist. He acts on spontaneous whims and encompasses what he believes is living “creatively”. Mothersbaugh has not only designed, but has expanded upon… Continue reading

Untitled [Poem]

by Sophie Clark The athletic, fast paced feeling of soreness. The pouncing attacks of new attempts of overwhelming corrections that feel like the itchy sweater your mom made you wear on picture day.… Continue reading

New Teachers in the Upper School

by Sophie Clark We all know there are new teachers here in the Upper School, but do you really know them? If you answered no, you should keep reading, and if you answered… Continue reading

Senate Representatives

by Brett Parsons Julie Lisboa, 9 Have you ever been part of senate before? No Why did you run for office? I ran for office because I love being a leader, and I… Continue reading