How to Beat the Winter Blues

By Caroline Jobson Consume unlimited amounts of pumpkin spice and or peppermint infused concoctions. Attempt to recreate a beach scene [indoors of course!]. Sport your best summer-colored sarong while having calypso music playing… Continue reading

Biweekly Update with Fallon Gallagher (2.9)

By Fallon Gallagher January 28, President Obama gave the annual State of the Union address to Congress and Americans at home. However, if you missed it, don’t feel too badly—only about 33 million… Continue reading

The Perfect HB Girl

By Jamie Spain We have all been there: tumbling up the staircase against the 7:59 tide, rushing because being late means yet another lunch detention and you are already wearing leggings. You finally… Continue reading

Pros and Cons of the HBubble

By Lizzi Powers Whether you have walked the halls of HB since infancy, or joined HB as a new freshman, there is no arguing that learning in an all-girls environment will effect (if… Continue reading

Chastising the Ohm

By Sarah Adler It was oh-so-easy to boycott the Moose. Abercrombie won’t make women’s clothing above a size ten? It’s okay, I prefer my sweatpants without your name down the side. CEO Mike… Continue reading

Are You “Mindful” or Mindful?

By Li Stebner We are told to become mindful: take classes on meditation or yoga, try to allot ten minutes of the day to enjoy life, and pay more attention to our thoughts.… Continue reading

Faculty Ringtones

By Amanda Keresztesy Mr. Kevin Purpura The Star Spangled Banner Nurse Judy “The Illest”- Far East Movement Ms. Geaghan The Dewey Decimal Rap Mr. Parsons My Antonia – Emmylou Harris & Dave… Continue reading

Galletas de Chocolate con Trocitos Blancos AKA Reverse Chocolate Chip Cookies

By Madeleine Schroedel and Emily Amjad You will be appalled by the amount of butter in these cookies, but it’s all worth it because they are “like, so good” in the words of… Continue reading

Teachers at Hathaway Brown Treat Students Differently

By Paige Papesch Maybe it’s because we don’t have uniforms, maybe it’s because we are a nondenominational school, or maybe it’s because there are no boys- but the teachers at HB treat us… Continue reading

The Brown Bag: What’s Behind the Bag

By Alley Keresztesy Nearly every HB student has been to the Brown Bag. Thousands of dollars are spent there every year by students, parents, and staff. Last year alone, $133,000 was spent. However,… Continue reading