How to Not Be Donald Trump

by Kathy Wang   Ahh…Where do we begin? Don’t have bad hair. Of course this is completely subjective to everyone, but uh, at least he acknowledges and takes responsibility for it. “As everybody… Continue reading

3 Innovations from 2015

by Jennifer Wang This year, Scientific American published a list of 10 innovations coming in 2016. Among them were things such as eye controlled prosthetics, little fusion machines, heat vacuums, and cameras that… Continue reading

Should Service Be Required?

by Brett Parsons   Requiring service for high school students is a great idea. Many students would never go into service themselves, but learn to love it once they do. Service also teaches… Continue reading


by Gina Egan

Tips for the AMC 10

by Angela Zhu It’s that time of year again when February rolls around the corner with Winter Weekend and those deceptive colorful Valentine candies that really should not exist…oh yeah, and the annual… Continue reading

Comic Series #1: Life and Death–Trumped

by Alison Xin We all know that Trump ruins everything for everyone. Apparently, this also includes personifications of abstract metaphorical concepts.

HB Upper School Uniforms

by Jenna Hahn Walking through the halls of the middle school neighborhoods at HB, you might hear a few girls complaining about their shirts having to be tucked in or their skirts having to… Continue reading

The Argument for a Messy Desk

by Crystal Zhao I have been berated my entire life for being habitually messy. It is almost universally acknowledged that a disorderly workspace is unproductive, distracting, and frankly, unsightly. I am a product… Continue reading

Feminism + Comedy

by Crystal Zhao Lately, between Broad City, Inside Amy Schumer, and Trainwreck, the old stereotype that women aren’t funny has been tastefully put in its place. The next issue on the pile is… Continue reading

Poem 2: Break-up

by Julia Sofia Moreno   Icy stillness in its wake, Stiffened positions their bodies take. Numbing pain of freezing hearts, His false pretenses, his poison darts.   Chilling fingers clawing at souls, Frosty bites take their toll, Pointed faces,… Continue reading