Where a Student-Athlete Can Thrive

by Mackenzie Berk   At twelve years old, I finally toured the halls of what I had always thought was a castle whenever we drove down North Park Boulevard. In fact, it was a… Continue reading

Speech and Debate: Not as nerdy as it seems!

by Lekha Medarametla and Maya Razmi   In case you’ve been living in under a rock since the beginning of high school, HB has an amazing speech and debate team! Despite all the… Continue reading

November 13th, 2015

by Izzy Catanzaro   The weather on November 13th, 2015 was strange. It started out like the majority of the other days that week: grey skies and a slight breeze, but I couldn’t… Continue reading

Car Accidents, School, and How I Learned to Love the Craziness

by Alanna Brown   I was sitting in the passenger’s seat of my dad’s car on the way home from my SREP lab at Case. I felt like I felt like I was dying… Continue reading

To Whom It May Concern [Poem]

by Maria Perilla In the darkest of nights, when not even the moon dares to peak out from its nebulous slumber, the ocean and sky have no beginning or end only black from earth… Continue reading

TIME’s Thirty Most Influential Teens

by Jennifer Wang   Egoistic. Arrogant. Self-Conscious. That’s what we’ve been called over practically the entire span of our teenage years. From articles in high profile magazines that criticize our use of social… Continue reading

The Anticipation of Getting Your License

by Val Mischka There are many perks to sophomore year: for example, not having to worry about the SAT or the ACT, not having to think about college, not being a freshman anymore,… Continue reading

My Experience With A New Sport

by Grace Amjad   On Tuesday, October 13, I went to my first diving practice. It may have been the most terrifying thing I had ever gone through, until I had to do… Continue reading

Turkish Pen Pal Experience

by Grace Beedles For the past month or so, the freshmen class has been corresponding with Turkish pen pals. The ninth grade English teachers, Mr. Ciuni, Mr. Hatcher, and Ms. Thayer, partnered with global scholars teacher,… Continue reading

Elite Colleges Create “Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success”

by Ines Zippe My friend Katy Kaufman texted me yesterday, “Guess what? Just finished my CommonApp!” Not really sure what that is, but trying to be a supportive friend, I replied, “Woo! Go KTK! Congrats”. At… Continue reading