Experience with Turkish Pen Pal Exchange

by Cassandra Lis I had the pleasure of having Rana Ürek as my pen pal for my freshman English class. She is from Istanbul, Turkey and attends Robert College. She likes math and… Continue reading

Give Thanks, Give Gifts, and Give Back

by Nell Bruckner In this season of giving gifts and giving thanks, I think it’s important to reflect briefly on all the blessings I’ve received in the past few months. I’m grateful for HB,… Continue reading

Hacking Online Shopping

by Brice Bai Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be over, but that doesn’t mean the extra savings have to end! Sometimes, sites have a lot of hidden deals lurking around, but there are… Continue reading

Beat the Homework Block Phenomenon

by Annie Lewandowski Outside of the classroom everything is kicking up — holidays, contests, competitions, sales, shows, movies and more. The one unfortunate constant is the onslaught of school work. Who can sit down at… Continue reading

Finding the Perfect Holiday Gift for your Friends

by Maggie Amjad and Lilly Rothschild Every year we face the same dilemma of what gifts for who, how much to spend, the color, and originality. Whether shopping for your family or for a… Continue reading

The Transition of Modern Day Beauty

by Stephanie Zhou If I say Kylie Jenner, what’s the first word that pops into your head? If I didn’t know any better the words “GORG” or “TOTES HOT” probably flashed through your brain… Continue reading

7 Things All Basketballs With Faces Know to be True

by Yardena Carmi, Illustrations by Kathy Wang 1. People do a double-take. 2. Contouring is a challenge. Especially since you don’t have hands. 3. As well as finding flattering clothing. 4. This is what… Continue reading

An Intro to Fanfiction

by Kathy Wang We all have that one favorite book, TV show, or movie that we love and can’t help fangirling about. However, some of us are so obsessed with it that we use the… Continue reading

2015 Ohio Ballot Issues

by Gigi Protasiewicz This past November 3rd, thousands of Ohioans turned out at the polls to vote in both local and statewide elections. Besides the numerous candidates for local office, three statewide issues appeared on the ballot.… Continue reading

Problematic Sports Logos in Modern Society

by Isha Lele and Leonela Serrano After the creation of the NCAI, or the National Congress of American Indians, it is often perceived that racism doesn’t exist in American culture due to the increased law… Continue reading