10 Minutes with Dr. Bisselle

by Alley Keresztesy Quick Six: Dr. Bisselle is a happy person She loves to laugh Her two daughters are Lucy (18) and Agnes (17) Dr. Bisselle loves poetry and ping pong She’s a… Continue reading


by Amaia Calhoun On Wednesday, January 13th, the Powerball jackpot of $1.5 billion was split between three victors. This lottery prize will go down in U.S. history as the largest prize ever. The… Continue reading

What is El Niño? (With Gifs!)

by Nell Bruckner El Niño is technically the warm phase of the “El Niño Southern Oscillation” and is characterized by ocean water that warms in the central pacific, near the western coast of… Continue reading

Laurie Anderson: Heart of a Dog

by Vala Schriefer Laura “Laurie” Anderson is a performance artist who celebrates and uses nearly all types of art media. She mixes robotic-like sound loops, electronic tones, and often monotone vocals in her… Continue reading

Reddit 101: A Guide to the Front Page of the Internet

The internet is a strange, funny, and questionable world; it’s capable of connecting you with people from anywhere, informing you of current events, and even entertaining you with sneezing panda videos. Reddit is… Continue reading

Poem 3: Downpour

by Julia Sofia Moreno   Drenched in stolen kisses, Soaked in unshed tears, Wet with running water Everything is clear.   Dripping fingers of truth, Squeaking along madness, Slipping along time, You weren’t really mine.   Dampened hearts stop beating,… Continue reading

“Legacy Letters” Book Review

by Cassandra Lis This seemingly nonfiction novel by Carew Papritz recounts lessons learned of life and love from the point of view of a dying father to his ex-wife and unborn twin children. The… Continue reading

What To Do When There’s a Snow Day – A Complete Guide

by Arielle DeVito Don’t be on the swim team, or else you’ll find out that you could have still been in bed after you’ve already done way too many laps in the freezing… Continue reading

My Experience Working in the Cleveland Film Industry

by Katie Raguz I’m sure most of us remember when The Avengers and Captain America were filmed in the Cle, but what some may not know is that there are several movies being… Continue reading

The CLE Guide to Winter Fun

by Lizzie Crotty and Emily Coffey Since winter is upon us and tis the season to embrace the outdoors, here are some thoughts from teachers around the hath about winter and some activities… Continue reading