How to Study for Different Subjects

By Kathy Wang With the busy schedules that students at HB have, it can be hard to find a way to study efficiently. This guide will teach you my personal experiences in how… Continue reading

Summer Reading – Is It Too Much?

By: Sophie Weyn A lot of people think that summer assignments as a whole should not be a requirement, year after year for HB’s high school students. People say that many students end up… Continue reading

Summer Travels: Europe

By: Angela Yu I had my first chance to travel to Europe this past summer. My family and I first flew out from Detroit to Frankfurt, Germany. From there we flew to Belgrade,… Continue reading

A Guide to Natural Disasters: Hurricanes

By Michelle Dong Everyone has heard of the recent hurricanes, be it through the news, or the sports fundraisers around HB. But what exactly is a hurricane?   To start off, the formal… Continue reading

Elephant Conservation

by Divya Bhardwaj Friday, September 22, was Elephant Appreciation Day. Elephants are among the most majestic and beautiful animals in the world, but sadly, they are endangered due to poaching and hunting for… Continue reading

A Guide to Freshman Year (The Beginning)

by Chandini Antal So, you’ve entered 9th grade, it’s a lot different from the middle school, and you might feel like you’ve just been thrown in with no warning. Hopefully this guide can… Continue reading

HB Tips for Students 1 | The Dining Hall

By Alison Xin Ah, the lunch room. The watering hole of the educational savannah. Continuing this metaphor, the behavior of students in the dining hall and servery seem to resemble animals rather than… Continue reading

African Safari: Photos

By Lila Williams Please enjoy these photos from my trip to Africa over the summer! Zebras are very nervous animals; they run from any source of movement that could pose a threat to… Continue reading

Mr. Biederman’s Experience at HB

By Susie Glickman Mr. Biederman has recently joined the HB community, taking on the job as Ms. Stineman’s substitute while she is out taking care of her newborn baby. Being one of his… Continue reading

Top 10 TV Shows

By Nadia Malik Just in case you are looking for a “new” and “original” method of procrastination… Disclaimer: the list below is not ordered by rank Teen Wolf 6 Seasons Done airing Supernatural,… Continue reading