The Reality of Finding Work in the Performing Arts

by Annie Lewandowski Many have dreams of walking onstage to the tumultuous applause of the audience, roses thrown at their feet, but very few are actually able to achieve a place in the limelight. Though… Continue reading

Comic Series #2: How Death Almost Got Trump

by Alison Xin

Some Comics You Could Read Right Now if You Wanted

by Yardena Carmi Comics. They’re pretty great. Whether you’re an old fan looking for the next thing to read or someone just trying them out, this list of suggestions from a school-wide survey (and… Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions, Con

by Grace Amjad Now that it’s a month or so into the new year, how many of us are still committed to our new year’s resolutions? Probably not many, right? But that is how… Continue reading

Things to do Alone on Valentine’s Day

by Val Mischka Valentines Day, it’s either the most romantic or the loneliest day for you. If you’re going to be alone this year, here are some things you can do to make… Continue reading

Build Season 2k16: Stronghold

by Chloe Schwartz Welcome to the First Robotics Competition of 2016: FRC Stronghold! The object of the game: score as many points as you can, into either low or high goals of your… Continue reading

Five Websites that Help You Focus

by Ying Ying Yang It is that time of the year again! It is second semester, you are in the middle of a chilly winter, and the holiday season is over. You might… Continue reading

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees 2016

by Audra Keresztesy The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is one of the many gems that makes Cleveland so unique. Established in 1983, the Rock Hall has honored the most influential and… Continue reading

Semester School Recap: Claire Martens, HMI

by Marisa Lancaster The new semester not only brought a new grading period and the Hath Caff, but also the return of four students who returned from their semesters away. It’s been exciting… Continue reading

Haiti vs. the Dominican Republic

by Claire McKenna The United States of America is one united country that has a territory of about 3.806 million miles. All citizens are under a single government and follow the same laws. Now… Continue reading