The Campaign Against SeaWorld

by Jordan Stacy Campaign Against Seaworld Did you know animals held in captivity at SeaWorld are drugged daily, just to tame their aggressive and stress-induced behaviors? More seriously, most of the animals die… Continue reading

Are You Really a Feminist?

by Jala Everett Are you really a Feminist? In the age of movements such as #timesup #metoo #blacklivesmatter #prochoice and more why does so much of our population still remain to be so… Continue reading

Pink Fairy Armadillo

By: Shruthi Ravichandran and Jessica Chang Welcome Back! We’re so happy to see you back here!   In this cold winter season, we can only wish for warmer temperatures, right? Well we have solved… Continue reading

Traditions Around the World

By: Abby Coffey During the holidays, everyone is surrounded by family and loved ones, sharing amusing stories and enjoying each other’s company. Every family has a different unique tradition that they pass along… Continue reading

The Cold

By: Kate Slesh At this current moment on January 17th it is 9 degrees in Cleveland, Ohio. At this same time in Siberia there was an article written about 2 people dying in… Continue reading

Odd News

By: Claire McKenna Do you ever get tired of hearing the same old negative news from different new sources constantly relating all of the terrible occurrences of the world in one space? Although those… Continue reading

Movie Review: The Post

by Abby Poulos Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, and Steven Spielberg. A recipe for an iconic and groundbreaking movie. Their performances have been recognized and praised at many awards shows, including being nominated for… Continue reading

Golden Globes Times Up

by Sophie Clark Typically, a Golden Globes related article would be a recap of the winners, gowns, and celebrities with great speeches. However, the 2018 Golden Globes were less about the superficial and… Continue reading

Testing Tasty

by Tara Capers and Sophie Carey Testing Tasty Episode 1 Includes:  One-Pot Swedish Meatball Pasta Chocolate Hazelnut Churros                              Welcome to Testing Tasty!   Tara Capers and Sophie Carey,… Continue reading

New Year’s Eve in Paris

by Ivy Wang December 31st, 2017 5:00pm: I sat the bus station waiting for my mom to come back from shopping. There were two older french ladies that were sitting next to me.… Continue reading