The La Croix Controversy

By Elizabeth Fedro Over the past several months, a new phenomenon has risen regarding the top-selling sparkling water, La Croix. The question at the root of the phenomenon is whether or not its… Continue reading

HB Faculty’s Words of Wisdom for Young Women

By Julia Schilz In honor of International Women’s Month, I decided to talk to some HB faculty about their advice for young women. Things they wish they’d known when they were in our… Continue reading

Michael Cohen: Collaboration and Corruption

By Olivia Moore Michael Cohen is a New York native, born in 1996. His father escaped Nazi persecution before emigrating to the United States. Cohen went on to receive his law degree from… Continue reading

Women’s History Month Movie Review: Hidden Figures

By Abby Morgan In January 2017, I saw one of the best movies I have ever seen: “Hidden Figures”. As March is Women’s History month, this is a movie that I think everyone… Continue reading

The Upside Movie Review

By Abby Morgan This weekend I saw one of the best movies I have ever seen, and I recommend you all see it too.  It is called The Upside. It is about a… Continue reading

The SheBelieves Cup

By Bailey Sparacia In the past few weeks the USWNT, or the US Women’s National Team, along with Brazil, Japan, and England, have played in three matches for a small tournament called the… Continue reading

International Women’s Day 2019

by Shruthi Ravichandran

The Dilemma of Selective Activism

By Andrew Lui We often focus on the wrong things when we think of being socially conscious and making a difference. The culture that we have today instills values for bettering the world,… Continue reading

The 5 Most Popular Shoe Trends of 2018

By Claire Fallon Shoe styles have been changing every single year, especially with sneakers. I thought that it would be cool to research and get an idea of what the most popular shoes… Continue reading

The Art of Crocheting

By Emma Esteves Derived from the French term, “small hook,” crocheting is a process that uses interlocking loops of yarn to create blankets, scarfs, and even stuffed animals. Although it sounds complicated, this… Continue reading