Why You Should Listen to Classical Music

by Diana Malkin Have you ever seen a classical music concert start with an older lady, much like my own grandma, playing to an audience of 2,000 people while her fingers fight over… Continue reading

Halloween Vs. Thanksgiving

by Ivy Wang In Fall, the two big holidays are Halloween and Thanksgiving. We rarely think about the two holidays together, but when you do it’s pretty interesting. These days Halloween is about… Continue reading

Blazer Favorites Playlist

by Sophie Clark I asked around the HB Community and compiled your favorite songs into one playlist! I hope you can use this to find new music and open your mind (I know… Continue reading

Beyond the Basics – Animal Rights

by Camryn Parsons Reading the article “animal cruelty could result in a five-year jail sentence under new law” in the guardian, I felt a mix of emotions. The majority of people would probably… Continue reading

On Trend for Fall 2017

by Jordan Stacy      Buckle-shoes Shoes with a metal buckle in any form are really in for this fall season. Whether it’s on a loafer, a slide, or a slip on, you can’t go… Continue reading

Album Review: Lana Del Rey’s “Lust For Life”

By Ava Alaeddini Lana Del Rey’s fourth major-label album was released on July 21st, 2017 by Interscope Records. The album was critically praised by critics, who said that they were happy about the… Continue reading

10 Reasons You Should Totally Join the Martial Arts

by Anya Razmi I’ve been doing karate and kung fu for almost seven years now, and I wish I could convince everyone I know to learn some sort of martial art. So here… Continue reading

Getting to know Director of the Osborne Writing Center and AP Language teacher: Mr. Parsons

by Erica Kahn Many of us don’t get to know Mr. Parsons until we have him as a teacher junior year, and even then, (as the juniors are finding out now) he is… Continue reading

The Grueling Process of Writing Essays

By Zuha Jaffar The words echoed in my mind. “Why don’t you write an essay?” Each syllable slowed down, like they were trying to move in molasses, oozing with dread. My mother’s face… Continue reading

HB Tips for Students 2 | Bathroom Cleanliness

By Alison Xin I attended a public elementary and middle school before enrolling in Hathaway Brown. Though a private school certainly has its advantages over the public school system, bathroom upkeep is not… Continue reading