Bakeries in California

by Isha Bhardwaj In case you’re ever in California looking for a sweet treat, check out the bakeries below!   Sprinkles Cupcakes Sprinkles Cupcakes has several different locations around California, in Anaheim, Los… Continue reading

Warner and Swasey Observatory: The End of an Era

Andrew Liu As of July 22, 2018, CWRU’s infamous abandoned observatory is switching hands. That Sunday was the last time I would be able to visit its graffiti-filled walls before its ownership shifted… Continue reading

What I am Excited for as a Senior

By: Kat Lynch Senior year is filled with a plethora of highs and lows… but after you apply to colleges everything gets a little easier! Here are some things I am personally excited… Continue reading

2018 Cross Country Season Recap

By: Jessica Bruening and Katie Greppin 2018 Cross Country Season The 2018 Cross Country team had a strong season this year. We bonded as a team while pushing through hard workouts and the… Continue reading

West Side Market

By Emma Esteves This summer, I had the opportunity to explore the West Side Market for the first time. Being one of the most popular places to visit in Cleveland, I heard many… Continue reading

An Ode to the College Board

By Kate Hickey (Disclaimer: this is not an attack at AP teachers or graders. Also, all specific examples were exaggerated and originated from my mind, or in other words, do not pertain to… Continue reading

 Coffee – An addiction?

By Claire Fallon I wake up to my alarm blaring right next to my face at 5:25 on a morbid Wednesday morning. I hit snooze until I am practically late, dragging my exhausted… Continue reading

Alphabet Songs

By Daria Gitiforooz A playlist that showcases a different song for every letter of the alphabet. Hope you enjoy!    

Rainy Days

By Allison Fritz Rainy days tend to be boring.. Rainy days made me think of wet, dark, stormy, dreary, blue, pouring, unexciting. On the weekends, I always wanted to go outside and do… Continue reading

First Thoughts on the Live Action Aladdin Based on the Trailer

by Divya Bhardwaj  Recently, Disney has been remaking lots of its old 90’s classics. Beauty and the Beast came out last year, and it was not the best, with a large amount of… Continue reading