New Elective Offerings for 2017-2018 School Year

by Maggie Amjad HB always offers a wide variety classes and exciting electives. Whether you love writing poems with Parsons or diving into the problems that plague our world with Mrs. Seals, there… Continue reading

Dear Joe

By Emma Borrow Dear Joe, In the wake of the most recent Presidential Inauguration, I would like to express my endless appreciation for all that you have done for our country over the… Continue reading

A Rough Forecast for 2017

by Annie Lewandowski 2016  was  a  year  of  massive  change.  It  marked  the  last  year  of  the  Obama  administration  and  a   tremendous  amount  of  terrorism  and  violence  both  in  the  United  States  and … Continue reading

Award Season

By Grace Beedles The always entertaining awards season has just begun. The Golden Globes occurred early this month, BAFTA just announced nominations and the Academy Awards early voting just closed. Everyone is looking… Continue reading

5 Electives HB Should Offer

By Maya Razmi and Cynthia Wang It’s obvious that there are a variety of classes offered at HB. From ceramics classes to yearbook, chances are that you’ll find something that interests you! However,… Continue reading

Aural Mapping for a Quieter Future

by Crystal Zhao Among the millions of pollutants swirling around the globe, many forget that their own voices are counted in mix. Noise pollution is often overlooked because it is less inherently menacing… Continue reading

Ask Sally Senior Vol. 3

Dear Sally Senior, Do colleges only look at GPA or do they look at each and every grade in your high school? Sincerely, Fannie Freshman   Dear Fannie Freshman, Colleges are always watching.… Continue reading

Reflection on The Young Writers & Artists Festival: Alexandra Fuller

by Alexis Chauvette Alexandra Fuller changed my life. I have never met a person as cool and in–tune with her soul. Starting with a twenty–minute meditation (which is actually very difficult), she challenged us… Continue reading

Read Worm by Wildbow

by Alison Xin Worm is a story about superpowers that breaks the typical “superhero” mold rather violently. Wildbow (John McCrae, author) brings a torrent new concepts to the table, with some of the… Continue reading

March on Washington

by Addie Klimek Friday, January 20th, 2017: The president elect, Donald Trump, will be inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States. Saturday, January 21st: Hundreds of thousands of women are gathering… Continue reading