Riverdale: What You Need to Know Before Watching the Show

by Sophia Hanna On January 26 of this year, a new show on the CW came out called Riverdale, adding to its list of great shows. Other shows on the CW include Jane… Continue reading

Tueri: Final Part

by Tejal Pendekanti Time: 3:50 p.m. Date: September 16, 2137 Name: Fera Pertinax Age: 81 “Grandma, Grandma, you have another message!” my grandkids screeched, yanking me off my rocking chair. “Another one?” I… Continue reading

Should You do EC Global Scholars?

by Molly Gleydura Should you do EC Global Scholars next year? Take this quiz to find out! https://www.tryinteract.com/share/quiz/58ada9e773d4960011a8f33c    

Orchestra Exchange 2017: Chile

by Audra Keresztesy Unfortunately Spring Break is over, but the only thing better than the actual break from school is telling people what you did over the last two weeks. I had the… Continue reading

The Comeback Queen

by Audra Keresztesy 10 years ago, we witnessed the downfall of a pop icon, someone who we all looked at as the definition of success, a girl who became a star. But even… Continue reading

Pixar Theory

by Sophia Hanna In the past couple of years, a theory has been going around on the internet about how all the Pixar movies connect together, starting and ending with Brave. Even though there… Continue reading

Carnival Costume Ideas

by Chloe Colligan The carnival theme was recently announced as FAIRYTALES! If you are struggling to come up with a good costume here are a few ideas to help.   Disney Princesses:  … Continue reading

The Best and Worst Memes of 2016

By Stephanie Kaiser and Ainsley Bradbury We get it, we know what you’re thinking: But isn’t 2016 over and dead? Well, dear readers, that is a matter of opinion. And to us, self-proclaimed meme… Continue reading

Which Parsons are you?

by Brett Parsons The majority of HB students know at least one person in the Parsons family. If you know all of us, you will know that we are all very different people,… Continue reading

Sally Senior Vol. 7

by Sally Senior Dear Sally Senior, What should I watch on Netflix? Sincerely, Sue Sophomore Dear Sue Sophomore, Spring break, aka binge-watching season, is near. Here are a few shows on Netflix that… Continue reading