Trump 2017

by Camryn Parsons Friday, January 20th the changes began. Already there have been multiple issues wiped off the White House page. No longer is climate change on there. There is nothing about LGBTQ+… Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Romantic Comedies

by Alex Garrow   Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you have a date or not, romantic comedies are a great way to get in the spirit of the holiday. Below are some of my… Continue reading

The Perfect Valentine’s Date Based on Your Zodiac Sign

by Stephanie Kaiser Ah, Valentine’s Day. The day designed for couples to celebrate their love and eat as many heart-shaped chocolates as they can. For some, it’s basically an over-commercialized love fest, while… Continue reading

Cavs Performance So Far

by Farah Sayed and Katie Doherty Fresh off of an NBA championship, the Cleveland Cavaliers have been the team everyone has had their eye on this year. So far, the Cavs have had… Continue reading

Galentine’s Day

by Ela Passarelli and Lilly Rothschild Hello fellow HB-ers! A warm greeting from your two Valentine’s/Galentine’s day hosts, Ela Passarelli and Lilly Rothschild. In this article, you will learn how to properly celebrate… Continue reading

Inauguration Review

by Megan Qiang Hello There! Your ill-equipped and non-qualified expert on all things personable here. So, January 20th provided the nation with a ceremony for the ages. The president-to-be walking down a long… Continue reading

Handlettering: Part 3

by Brice Bai

New Spots to Work Out in Cleveland

by Christine Coyne According to Cleveland Scene magazine, the occupancy rate for residential buildings in downtown Cleveland is nearing almost 98 percent. With an increase in demand for more apartment and condominium complexes,… Continue reading

Talent Show Recap

by Cate Engles The talent show this year was a hit. We had students perform all kinds of hilarious, witty, beautiful, and original talents. Senate kicked it off with a great lip-sync battle… Continue reading

2016 Movie Awards

by Sophie Clark Its officially the best season for the movies, and with new movies comes awards and multiple trips to the theater. So far, the Golden Globes showed that La La Land… Continue reading