In Loving Memory Of…

By Lila Williams and Hannah Ryan Vine may be dead, but it is still with us in our hearts. Getting over this loss was very difficult, but with the help of many compilations,… Continue reading

The Process Of Letting Go

By Hannah Saltz Caring. If you don’t, you’re considered conceited or selfish. And if you do, you’re “too sensitive.” We, as people, especially as women, have been taught this from a young age.… Continue reading

Inside Citizens Leadership Academy

By: Aurora Mussey Over the past two years I have come to have hands-on experience tutoring CLA students weekly. Over the course of this after-school program spanning the fall months, I was able… Continue reading

Haley Stevens – An Agent of Change

By Harleigh Markowitz Haley Stevens is among the most inspirational, considerate, and passionate women that I have had the privilege of meeting. Haley Stevens is an exemplary individual who has dedicated her life… Continue reading

Tips on How to Get Organized

by Claire Adornato School can be overwhelming sometimes, and on top of that is family and friends too.There is just so much stuff going on and so much to do. And let’s be… Continue reading

2018 Spring Fashion Trends

by Claire Adornato Spring is right around the corner, once Cleveland decides to make up its mind. So it’s time to put away those chunky sweaters, and get some cute trendy spring clothes.… Continue reading

The Cape Town Water Crisis

by Jessica Bruening For the past five years, Cape Town has been experiencing their worst drought in over a century. This caused water levels behind the Voelvei Dams in the Western Cape to… Continue reading

US-Russia Relations

By Annie Lewandowski      After entering office at the beginning of 2017, Donald Trump’s raucous term had been marked to be the start of a new era of vastly improved relations between the… Continue reading

Malala’s Visit to Swat Valley, Pakistan

By Caroline Jung      Malala Yousafzai, a twenty year old pakistani woman, is an activist for girls’ education and empowerment. There were already problems from the Taliban, and Malala even had to… Continue reading

Love, Simon Review (Spoilers)

by Cassandra Lis Love, Simon is an important movie for me and other members of the LGBT+ community.  Before I watched the movie, I never thought that I would be able to relate to… Continue reading