The Coming of Spring

by Zuha Jaffar  Each season has its perks. Summer is packed with relaxation and nostalgia. It’s when people bask in the searing heat, but cool down in pools and oceans, where popsicles make… Continue reading

Teacher Recommended Movie Review: Ms. Spano’s “Before the Flood”

by Lexi Harrison and Anna Doak The opening scene of Before The Flood was of a painting called The Garden of Earthly Delights. Although interesting, Leo goes to a weird place describing it.… Continue reading

Swimming and Diving Season Recap

by Cate Engles The 2017-2018 Swimming and Diving season was a true testament that hard work really does pay off. All the two-a-day practices, smacks off the diving board, and the constant lack… Continue reading

The New Snapchat Update

by Claire Fallon Sometimes, we don’t appreciate little things in our life until they are gone. I myself, for many years, have taken advantage of the old snapchat, easily using the clear and… Continue reading

Black Panther Review (Spoiler Free)

by Cassandra Lis The Black Panther’s involvement in the most recent Captain America movie (Civil War) suggested the eventual creation of his own movie. The creation of a black superhero was something the… Continue reading

Vlogging with Ainsley: Diving Senior Night

by Ainsley Bradbury

Ecuadorian Expectations

by Simran Patwa and Megan Qiang It is almost time. Spring break is almost here! We (Siman and Megan) are going to be jetting off down to the southern locale of Ecuador and… Continue reading

Healthcare in the US: Part Four

by: Maggie Amjad This is the fourth installment of my Service Learning Capstone project on Healthcare in the US. The first article examined the history of healthcare in the United States and the… Continue reading

How to Make Pasta with Grace

By Grace Amjad I love pasta. It is hands down my favorite food, but I’ve only ever made it once, about 5 years ago, so last Friday I decided to take another swing… Continue reading

Spring Activities Around CLE

By Kayla Smith Cleveland Museum of Art – So much art to explore, it changes every season and there’s always something new there to discover. A little low on cash for your next… Continue reading