Urban Architecture Series: Seattle

by Jennifer Wang Profile Architecture in Seattle is artistically inspired by the nearby mountain ranges and oceans, and throughout the years, has continued to place an emphasis on aesthetic. Background Metro Population –… Continue reading

How to Handletter: Part 4

by Brice Bai

March for Science

by Sukhmani Kaur Since 1970, on April 22nd we have celebrated our Mother Earth and the beauty that we are fortunate to be surrounded with and live on. However, this year marked a… Continue reading

A Poem for the Seniors

by Cate Engles Once upon a time, the class of 2017 started their senior year They have made many accomplishments, that is quite clear Each girl is soon to leave a legacy that… Continue reading

Interviewing Seniors About Writing a Thesis and Advice

by Tae-Hee Kim Hi juniors, sophomores, freshmen, and to-be high schoolers! As we look up to the current seniors, we can appreciate the wisdom and mentorship they bring to HB. Besides applying to… Continue reading

Cyber War Defense Must be Addressed

by Lilly Rothschild Cyber security is an impending fear for politicians across America and particularly in Washington. Aside from Donald Trump’s recent accusation that former President Barack Obama was wiretapping Trump using a personal… Continue reading

Cleveland Sports Update

by Sophie Clark and Camryn Parsons THE INDIANS The Indians are back! Many people are expecting big things out of the Indians this season. I know I am hoping for another trip to the… Continue reading

Life Not on Earth?

by Sukhmani Kaur On February 22nd, 2017 the world was awakened with an exciting scientific discovery. NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope detected seven earth-like exo-planets orbiting a bright, small star. What’s even more exciting is… Continue reading

New Air-Taxi System in Dubai!

by Claire McKenna The new type of taxi has arrived in Dubai! If you’re going out for a girl’s night or just need a lift to work, why not fly there? This summer… Continue reading

What Should Your Spring Anthem Be?

by Ellie Roberto Spring is just beginning and for many it’s a time to start fresh. Maybe by cleaning out your messy wardrobe, ditching your lazy study routine, or finding some new music… Continue reading