Time Travel: Is it real?

By Allison Fritz I’ve always wondered if temporal voyage, or time travel, was possible. In my opinion, I think that it is possible, but I’m not sure if someone could actually travel back… Continue reading

A Journal Regarding the Process of Getting a Lifeguard Certification

By Maddie Grooff Hello HB! I am currently in the process of getting my American Red Cross Lifeguarding Certification, which I will be completing over the course of the next couple weeks. This… Continue reading

Fun Things to do in Cleveland Over Spring Break

By Shira Rosenberg Spring break means only 8 more weeks until the end of school, but in this weather, spring break might feel more like winter break, unless the weather warms up in… Continue reading

Powerful Women in the Media

By Amanda Sachs In the wake of International Women’s Day, I thought it only right to write an article highlighting female power in popular TV shows and how each woman represents women in… Continue reading

End of School Year Pick Me Ups

By Brooklyn Napolitano Simple things like ordering some new stickers for your laptop can spice up your day. I love changing around my laptop cases mid year. The website red bubble is a… Continue reading

#SheBelieves Cup

By Tatum Schoaf The SheBelieves cup is a yearly occurrence with appearances of the best teams in the world, and one of the most watched series of soccer games. The SheBelieves cup is… Continue reading

Rundown of Potential Female Democratic Candidates

By Audrianna Imka Although 2020 seems miles away, the next presidential election is slowly creeping up on us. With each week that passes, more politicians are beginning their presidential campaigns. In celebration of… Continue reading

What is Universal Basic Income (UBI)?

Sinead Li Why are people proposing it? There’s the rise of automation to contend with – 57% of all workers are at risk of losing their jobs, especially those in developing countries. And… Continue reading

Jacqueline Greene

By Loá Schriefer Jacqueline Greene is a lawyer at Friedman & Gilbert law firm. Ella Van Niel and I are trying to bring her in as a guest speaker, so here is a… Continue reading

Easy Birthday Gift Ideas for Teens

By Tatum Schoaf Ever feel like you can’t come up with ideas for teens? Here is a gift guide to the teens who blow the question every time you ask! Teen Girls: With… Continue reading