Holiday Craving Busters

By Lindsey Jeschelnig We all experience those cold-weather desires. Warm socks, fuzzy sweaters, and especially sweet treats. In an expedition to find the best goodies that will squash the grumbling in your tummy,… Continue reading

Cleveland in the Winter

By Grace Mansour If you are staying in Cleveland for winter break or you are just bored and want to do something fun this winter check out these fun ideas. The first idea… Continue reading

Kids Film It Festival

By Caroline McCarthy The Kids Film It Festival was started three years ago by a student named Ryan Levine who is now a freshman at Hawken. It was started to give kids a… Continue reading

Anticipations for Season 3 of The Crown

By: Tara Capers Over the summer, I fell in love with The Crown. I watched both seasons one and two on Netflix, and am extremely excited for what season three will entail. What… Continue reading

False Perceptions of Ohio

By: Chandini Antal All throughout my life I have heard the oddest things about living in Ohio. Usually, people only hear about our former star basketball Player, LeBron James, or our almost winning… Continue reading

How to Avoid Doing Work

By: Eleina Salgia I am the most creative person in the world when it comes to procrastination.  I will basically do anything to avoid doing actual work. For example, right now I am… Continue reading

Fall Outfits!

By: Kate Slesh Fall is here! Yippeeee! Now, you might be wondering what to wear… Here are a few options: Some stores you might want to explore…. -Pacsun -Forever 21 -Free People Happy… Continue reading

California Dreaming

By: Zuha Jaffar Roads are lined with palm trees, as they soak in the harsh, relentless sunlight. Buildings tower, puncturing the fragile baby blue sky with their sharp sides. As you’re walking to… Continue reading

Playlist Flowchart

By: Grace Zhang Choose a color and then follow the matching lines. You can choose directions if prompted but stick the same color line. One you reach a color circle find the matching… Continue reading

Paris vs. NYC

By: Ivy Wang Both Paris, France and New York City, New York are well known throughout the world. Although I’ve never lived in either city, based on my experiences visiting both and some… Continue reading