Fashionable Teachers

By Amanda Young These are some teachers who took an extra minute in the morning to do a little something extra with their outfits. Some incorporated fun pops of color, while others are… Continue reading

Turtles All the Way Down Book Review

By: Hannah Schmidt October 10 the nearly six year drought finally ended: John Green published a new book. I received my signed pre order of Turtles All the Way Down in the mail… Continue reading

Dogs of HB: Second Edition

By: Hannah Schmidt During a long week, there’s nothing better than some fluffy friends so cheer you up! Here are 5 more HB dogs!   Annalyse, 12th grade: Micki (1.5 years old): Bulldog/Terrier… Continue reading

Zodiac Signs

By Nadia Malik Sun signs are very important to the making of a chart. Your sun sign is the Zodiac sign associated with your day of birth, and probably the one that you… Continue reading

Taking a Knee: Is it Right?

By Bailey Sparacia Kneeling during the National Anthem started with Colin Kaepernick on the San Francisco 49ers. As of now, he no longer has a job. He started out protesting police brutality, but… Continue reading

11 Things You May Not Know About Daylight Savings Time

By: Angela Yu It’s November and it’s finally starting to feel like fall. The temperatures are dropping into the fifties and forties. The days are getting shorter. Daylight saving time ends on November… Continue reading

Definition Poems

by Emma Gerber Sonder And suddenly I saw the stars through my ceiling The streetlamps on my street I saw the cars whirling by The ocean and the forest The universe in my… Continue reading

Being a Twin: What it’s Like

by Abby Coffey I’ve been by my sister’s side from the first time I’ve existed. Every friendship has its ups and downs, and Hannah and I’s friendship is no different. Like many things… Continue reading

Weird and Mysterious Animals: Axolotls

by Shruthi Ravichandran and Jessica Chang Hi! It’s us again–Shruthi and Jessica, back again for a second edition!! This week, we have a special double edition!! (Check out the awesome article about the Immortal… Continue reading

Weird and Mysterious Animals: Immortal Jellyfish

by Shruthi Ravichandran Hey again! This is Shruthi with a special extra edition this week! (Don’t forget to check out our awesome article on the insanely cute Axolotls!) Meet the Immortal Jellyfish! Turritopsis… Continue reading