Unknown Holidays

by Roxana Moazami With Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and now Valentine’s Day over, some might believe that there is nothing left to look forward to. I mean, besides St. Patrick’s Day, what… Continue reading

Intro to Urban Architecture Series

by Jennifer Wang   Welcome to the Urban Architecture Series   Just over half of the global population currently lives in cities, and the number is only set to rise over the upcoming… Continue reading

New Courses Offered for Next School Year

by : Ella Kazazic Course selection is nearly complete, and many students strive to take classes next year that they couldn’t take this year. As a reminder of the variety of classes that… Continue reading

Sally Senior Vol. 6

by Sally Senior Dear Sally Senior, What exactly is a microaggression and how can I avoid saying them? Sincerely, Sue Sophomore Dear Sue Sophomore, Dictionary.com defines a microaggression as “a subtle but offensive… Continue reading

Super Bowl 51 Commercial Review

by Amy Howarth For the 2017 Super Bowl 51, we all know the game was a nail biter and Lady Gaga’s half time show was a jaw dropper, but the commercials were definitely… Continue reading

What is the Dow Jones Industrial Average?

by Amanda Young On Wednesday February 6th the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit 20,084 basis points. Several questions you may be asking are: “What is the Dow Jones Industrial Average?”, What does the… Continue reading


by Annie Lewandowski People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, more commonly known as PETA, is a organization that has stirred up some controversy in the realm of animal activism. In comparison to… Continue reading

The Wall

by Leonela Serrano President Donald Trump has decided to build that wall that he’s been talking about for ages. Not a surprise but it also came as a surprise to many. This infamous… Continue reading

Updates on the Dakota Access and Keystone XL Pipelines

by Farah Sayed The Dakota access pipeline is a $3.7 billion project to span from North Dakota to Illinois. The pipeline would transport crude oil in a more cost-effective manner compared to current… Continue reading

How to Stay Positive and Calm in a Busy World

By Cate Engles This time of year can be hectic. It’s post holiday season, and it can be hard to find things to look forward to in the months of February and March.… Continue reading