They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera Book Review

By Audrey Roche As a young adult myself, it makes sense that I have always been a fan of Young Adult books. Although I’ve always stuck closer to the Fantasy genre, I have… Continue reading

Places to Go in Cleveland

By Jane O’Donnell and Sydney Deegan Breakfast at Eat at Joe’s Eat at Joe’s is a small breakfast place located in Mayfield Heights. It is family owned and a very comfortable place to… Continue reading

Bella Abzug: A Force for Change

By Jessica Chan “What is at issue here is equal rights for all Americans…I have long been a proponent of measures which would ensure that these principles are guaranteed for all individuals…people of… Continue reading

Review of New Netflix Releases

By Claire Adornato and Audrey Wallner 1. Birdbox We’re sure many of you have already watched this already, but if you haven’t you need to. While it is one of those “apocalypse” movies,… Continue reading

Review of Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas

By Evelyn Burdsall On October 23, 2018, Sarah J. Maas released her final novel in the Throne of Glass series, which several of my friends and I love. Everyone who read her books… Continue reading

The Butterscotch in a Batch of Mints

By Alise Adornato The creases and lines outlining the map of her face clenched and releasedMy grandmother, the sole vivid image, laughedLike a banchee in the wildLike the helium released from a filled-balloonHer… Continue reading

Article on Airpods, Written by the Poor

By Claudia Binder and Jazmine Halawa Do you have Airpods? If not, YOU ARE BROKE! Its okay though, you are not the only one. We are with you, and beside you in this… Continue reading

First Masterworks

by Sarah Goraya Monday, December 10, 2018. Also known as every HB ensemble performer’s favorite day of the year: Masterworks! It is known as day filled with enthusiasm and excitement and perhaps the… Continue reading

American Sonnet for an American Fool

by Anya Razmi I participated in Hanif’s workshop during Writers’ Fest and it was incredible. One of the main activities he led was an “empathy tree” – in which we discussed characters we… Continue reading

Fast Facts on the Impact of US Withdrawal from Syria

by Anya Razmi and Tejal Pendekanti As Americans, we tend to only focus on what affects us. However, we must take into account how our actions impact the rest of the world. That’s… Continue reading