Pizza for the People

by Camryn Parsons Winter break ending sucks (well, at least for me) and I’m thinking most other people too. However, something that made that sad last day a little more bearable was Citizen… Continue reading

The New Women in Government

By Stephanie Zhou and Isha Lele With the presidential election on everyone’s minds, it’s easy to overlook the smaller elections that can often times be just as important. In 2017, the largest number… Continue reading

MLK Day Events in Cleveland

by Michelle Dong Today is Martin Luther King Day, and we HB students have a well-deserved day off. However, instead of staying home, take a look at these events happening around Cleveland. Go with… Continue reading

Haunted Places in Cleveland

by Alia Baig Just because Halloween is over, it doesn’t mean these 5 places in Cleveland are any less haunted! While Cleveland might not be the first city that comes to mind when… Continue reading

Hot Yoga

by Maggie Amjad The start of a new semester brings countless amounts of stress and anxiety. Everyone deals with their stress in different ways, but this season I suggest visiting your local yoga… Continue reading

Succulents with Grace Amjad

by Grace Beedles I really don’t understand all the rage with succulents. They are just green, prickly plants everyone seems to have in their houses. Personally, I’m not drawn to them, but I… Continue reading

Which Holiday Sweet Are You?

by Carolyn Holan and Claire McKenna It’s finally the holiday season. Get festive with this quiz and find out which holiday sweet you are!

The HB Holiday Tree

by Ellie Roberto In the few days before the sweet release of winter break, the holiday tree is assembled and decorated in the atrium. For those of you who don’t know, the holiday… Continue reading

A Guide to Gratitude

by Emma Borrow The holiday season is often recognized as a season of giving. I like to think of it as the portion of the year where we not only give gifts to… Continue reading

The Truth About the Polls: Statistical Error?

by Michelle Dong When the results of the election came in, I was utterly confused. Some, like me, were stalking the polls since several weeksprior. The question was, how on Earth did Trump… Continue reading