Sweden’s Energy Goals

by Farah Sayed Sweden’s Energy Goals As climate change presents itself as a growing worldwide challenge, certain countries are rising to counter the threat to the dangerous temperature rise. Sweden recently created new… Continue reading

Italy Trip Preview: Part 1

by Kalie Sommerfeld With spring break approaching, many HB girls are getting ready to depart on trips of a lifetime. I personally have the incredible opportunity to travel to Italy. Being a Latin… Continue reading

Phones: Investing In Yourself

  by Andreanna Hardy Challenge: if you are an iPhone user and currently have it with you, take it out. Go into settings, then battery, then click the small clock, next to “Last… Continue reading

Sean Spicer Highlights

by Katie Doherty   The man who is the press secretary and communications director for Donald Trump has been the target of ridicule since assuming the office on February 20. Here are some… Continue reading

The Realities of a Life in Cuba

by Raea Palmieri This past winter break I had the privilege to travel to Havana, Cuba. While I was getting ready for the trip, I was looking at pictures various celebrities posted from… Continue reading

The Bachelor: A Review

by Claire Zajaczkowski The highly anticipated “Fantasy Suite” dates are quickly creeping up on this season of The Bachelor, so I find it an appropriate time to recap some of the drama that… Continue reading

Show the Love Recap

by Alexis Chauvette This past ‘Show the Love’ allowed each grade to express their appreciation for one another. It served as a great reminder of what the HB community is all about, and… Continue reading

Coloring Isn’t Just for Kids

by Crystal Zhao In recent years, coloring, an activity most people leave behind after graduating elementary school, has gained a foothold in an unlikely demographic – working adults. As unlikely as it may… Continue reading

If America Comes First, Who Comes Second?

by Megan Qiang *This is satire. Please note when reading the following. “From this day forward, a new vision will govern our land. From this day forward, it’s going to be only America… Continue reading

Local Coffee Culture

by Maggie Amjad and Ellie Roberto With Starbucks on the rise just about everywhere, local cafes and coffee culture have suffered. Cleveland offers quite a few cafes- you just have to know where to… Continue reading