Not Just Valentine’s Day: YouTube’s 13th Birthday

by Amy Howarth Yes, I agree, Valentine’s Day is an important holiday but we can’t forget about YouTube’s Birthday, which is on Valentine’s Day!  YouTube is, in my personal opinions one of the… Continue reading

Last Minute HB Valentines

by Megan Qiang Happy Valentines Day! Did you forget to get your Hathaway Brown sweetheart something special this year again? Don’t let your lovesick heart fret, because I’ve got five quick and heartfelt… Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Playlist

by Sophia Hanna, Kate Hickey and Sadie Hertz Whether you are alone or spending time with your significant other, here’s a playlist to set the mood for a happy Valentine’s day! 

Pulp Fiction: A Peculiar Romance

By Annie Lewandowski The time of the year has come to binge watch rom-coms and eat enough clearance-priced chocolate for a family of twelve. Unfortunately, one quickly exhausts the list of typical romantic… Continue reading

Review of Valentine’s Day Candy

by Cassandra Lis Candy Hearts Overall, they are ok. Kind of chalky, and I disapprove of the yellow and purple hearts. Each color is a different flavor.  3/5 stars Peep marshmallow hearts  … Continue reading

Is the Pain Worth the Gain?

by Cassandra Lis It is not a good feeling to have my freshman sister destroy me in almost every event. It is an equally terrible feeling to become slower and slower despite my… Continue reading

How Is the World Celebrating Valentine’s Day

by Cate Engles Us Americans are so used to the routine buying of chocolate and red roses and the arrival of the new Fifty Shades of Grey movie that we forget that there… Continue reading

Bees, Epilepsy, and 18.6 Billion Dollars: Valentine’s Day is Not a Hallmark Holiday

by Jasmine Hanna-Funk Valentine’s Day is often called a “Hallmark Holiday,” a day for corporations to sell chocolate and flowers to the masses in the name of a socially constructed idea of love.… Continue reading

Rockin’ Gender-Neutral Words Instead of Girls or Boys

By Ellie Felderman Hello there everybody! Happy Valentine’s day 🙂 We all know that with Valentine’s day comes a significant amount of gendering. So much of relationship advertising is strictly boys & girls,… Continue reading

Quiz: Which English Teacher are You?

By: Alise Adornato and Grace Beedles Take the quiz to find out which HB English teacher you secretly are…