A Poem for the Seniors – 2019 Edition

by Cate Engles As we pray for warmer days and dodge the last of the winter’s frost The end of the school year comes with a high cost Seniors already have one foot… Continue reading

How to be an Ally to the LGBT+ Community

By: Abby Poulos After finishing with the Spectrum Assembly at the beginning of April, I’ve been thinking a lot of what to do next. We gave the Upper School a lot of knowledge… Continue reading

Travel Hacks: Spain Global Scholars Trip

By: Maria Brown Take a small suitcase and a carryon Although you might want to pack a lot of clothes it isn’t necessary and it can be a pain to try and carry… Continue reading

The Politics of Penzey’s Spices

By: Ryan Brady My mom signed me up for the Penzey’s Spices email list in July of last year so that I would also be offered their good deals (like free Cinnamon sugar).… Continue reading

Caroline’s Snapshots

By: Caroline Cannon A quick peek into the current photography world with Caroline Cannon Welcome to the first ever edition of Caroline’s Snapshots! In this series I will shine a spotlight on a… Continue reading

Starbucks – More like Subparbucks

by Kate Hickey Since my last published article regarding the overating of Panera, I have received lots of positive feedback (although some select few were upset with my honest opinion). I thought I… Continue reading

Spring Break in Toronto

by Allison Fritz       Over spring break, my family and I visited two great cities: Columbus and Toronto. Even though these two cities are not very far from Cleveland, it feels as if not… Continue reading

An Update on the Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman College Scandal

By Rose Gaudiani The 2019 college admissions scandal, aka “Operation Varsity Blues” as some have coined it, has continued with Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli’s trial. She and Giannulli paid $500,000… Continue reading

Celebrity Animals: Lil Bub

By Emma Esteves Lil Bub has taken the internet by storm and truly deserves some special recognition. Born with several medical mutations, these problems proved to be no match for her and her… Continue reading