American Children > American Guns

by Camryn Parsons   how many more lives before our congress decides it is time to say ok we have a problem that will not go away without the adults realizing they have… Continue reading

“Apparently, all of the cool kids are doing it.”

by Regina Egan

Cleveland’s “March For Our Lives”

by Isha Lele After each shooting, I could not help but feel helpless. The lives of those most vulnerable were being taken, but what was I, a 17-year old girl in high school,… Continue reading

HB’s Position on Gun Control and My Thoughts on the School’s Stance

by Molly Gleydura HB students are getting ready for the National School Walkout on March 14, but many are still wondering what stance the HB administration is taking. To clear up all of… Continue reading

I Have a Very Complicated Relationship with Guns

by Brett Parsons I have a very complicated relationship with guns and I really wish I didn’t. Because I hate guns, I hate the idea of guns, the idea that any person could… Continue reading

More Than A Number

by Grace McCarthy Rachel Scott, Ross Alameddine, Gayle Dubowski, Adriel Johnson, Noah Pozner, Nicholas Dwaret. Six people from six different walks of life with absolutely no affiliation with each other until they were… Continue reading


by Ela Passarelli The night after Parkland, I was helping my grandpa clean up in his kitchen. I had been depressed and uneasy the entire day, sickened by the videos I shouldn’t have… Continue reading

School Shootings in 2018

  by Kalie Sommerfeld In the first nine weeks of 2018, there were 14 school shootings alone. I’m going to state that again: in the first nine weeks of 2018 there were 14… Continue reading

Don’t Arm My Mother With Guns

By Ellie Felderman   Don’t arm my mother with guns. Arm her with roses, and her kindergarteners with paintbrushes and the color pink.   Don’t arm my mother with guns. Arm her with… Continue reading

The History of Gun Violence in the United States

by Jennifer Wang