Senior Projects

Senior projects at HB can be a unique opportunity to have new opportunities as a graduating senior. Every senior has some type of responsibility in May. While some may be completing theses, Strands, Service Learning Capstones, or the Business and Finance Program, some students decide to partake in senior projects. An example of a project... Continue Reading →

Inked Q&A with Brady Furlich

Inked is a writing competition held here at HB, and is run entirely by students! It was the brainchild of Brady Furlich and Bridget Babcox, who cooperated with many faculty advisors of the English Department. Through the hard work of Bridget and Brady, Inked was a huge success. This year it was held on Saturday... Continue Reading →

Farewell Teachers

Dear Ms. Mann, Mr. Verbos, Mr. Dubow, and Mr. Henry, As the school year comes to a close, we are being forced to face the reality that we are losing some of our most beloved teachers. All of HB’s teachers are incredibly caring and inspiring, excelling in their capacity to leave a lasting imprint on the... Continue Reading →

Non-Required Summer Reading List

  One thing summer is great for is that there is finally time to crack open a book, dive in, and read for hours. To help those who have trouble finding the perfect summer reading book, here is a list of possible suggestions you might enjoy.            Water For Elephants by Sara Gruer—A recollection of a life... Continue Reading →

Where’s Our Class Gear?

For the past four years or so HB has been ordering the Upper School’s class gear from a company called RDP Sports in Twinsburg, OH. However, trying to get all the class gear to arrive before the Upper School transforms into a 100 degree sauna has always been a struggle. So what takes the class... Continue Reading →

So, how was your winter break?

Isabelle Arnson · Zoe Harvan · Tatini Mal-Sarkar · Grace Yi · Megan Callanan · Gurbani Kaur · Amanda Keresztesy · Lena Ransohoff · Brenna Scully Isabelle Arnson How was my winter break, you ask? Like any other two weeks, really. When I wasn’t sitting in Costco watching families buy large tubs of margarine, I... Continue Reading →

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