Two Responses to the Controversial Suzy Lee Weiss

By now, many HB seniors have been accepted into the colleges of their dreams. Unfortunately, not all can be accepted into their first choice school, especially when it comes to the prestigious, top-of-the-line Ivy League. Suzy Lee Weiss, a senior at Taylor Allderdice High School in Pennsylvania, was not accepted into any of the Ivy... Continue Reading →

Upper School Trips

 Highlights: Nicaragua - Visit a volcano and an original coffee farm.Africa - Either going to be in Senegal or Ghana….homestays in villages and there are giraffes in this part of Africa.Bahamas - Live on a 50-foot sail boat and snorkel in underwater Caribbean caves.Iceland -  Get to walk on real glaciers and enjoy hiking in the... Continue Reading →

The HB Community Weighs In on the Gun Control Debate

One of the most controversial issues in politics currently is gun control. In the wake of recent shootings across the country, a range of opinions has been voiced about what role the government should play in gun control.             Some Hathaway Brown students shared their opinions on what the United States should do to prevent future... Continue Reading →

Summer @ HB

Summer for HB girls means relaxing, tanning, and sleeping, right? Wrong! In the summertime, HB is filled with activity, from the three year olds at HBBH to Upper School students taking summer classes.For Upper School students, summer classes are offered in Physics, Chemistry, US History, Chinese, French, Writing Skills, Filmmaking, Photography, Art, and Gym.On June... Continue Reading →

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