By: Chloe Colligan The term jock is surrounded by countless stereotypes of rich white teenagers playing sports to impress girls, or gain popularity at their school. People assume that jocks do not excel… Continue reading

5 Places to Go This Fall

By: Helen Breen Fall is such a wonderful time of the year, there are so many places to go and things to do. I have narrowed the Top 5 Places that you should… Continue reading

Voter Registration!!

By: Ryan Brady It is never too early to become informed about politics, and it’s easier to register to vote now than ever before. Furthermore, Ohio makes it extremely easy to vote –… Continue reading

Moth Memes

By Marian Searby   A recent trend has been circulating the internet. Moth memes. Memes circulating of moths and their obsession with lamps and light. At the first meme, I had a slight… Continue reading

Serena Williams at the U.S. Open

By: Caroline McCarthy Most of the population saw the argument between Serena Williams and the umpire at the U.S. Open on the 8th of September. Serena Williams is a world renowned tennis player,… Continue reading


By: Sejal Sangani and Maria Brown If you don’t know, Ms. Lewis is a new English teacher this year. She teaches 3 sections of AP Lang, and 1 section of Freshman English. So… Continue reading

The Indians’ Prospects This Postseason

What Are the Odds? By Ella Van Niel The Cleveland Indians’ postseason is approaching, which I’m sure you’re all aware of, and are eagerly awaiting. You probably find yourself wondering how the team… Continue reading

I Wore the Same Shirt for a Week (not clickbait!!!)

I Wore the Same Shirt for a Week By Katie Doherty It’s finally fall and because of that, like most HB students, it’s getting to that time of the year where I care… Continue reading

My Review of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

By: Caroline Cannon May 10th, 2018 is a day that the fans of the TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine will never forget. At that time, I was not a huge fan of the show,… Continue reading

The Appeal of All Things Miniature