Everything Wrong with your Favorite Movies

by Chandini Antal and Divya Bhardwaj There is no better way to relax on a weekend than curling up on a bed or couch with a cup of a piping hot beverage, watching… Continue reading

Body-Shaming at Hathaway Brown

By Leonela Serrano In my four years at HB, I have been privileged to find myself in a space where girls offer support to other girls in all aspects of life but, I… Continue reading

The Importance of Forming One’s Opinion and Educating Themselves

By Hannah Saltz In past elections, I would immediately agree on my parent’s opinions. I never really had my own voice, they told me who was considered “good” and who was considered “bad.”… Continue reading

20 Random Facts to Impress Your Friends

By Lila Williams When the female in a group of clownfish dies, the most dominant male turns into a female to replace her. Giraffes’ tongues are so long they can lick their own… Continue reading

Brits Go To College Too!

By: Lindy Connors As the college process comes to an end, I look across the pond to two of my British friends who are just starting theirs. One essay and five schools, it… Continue reading

Skate Canada

By: Farah Sayed At the end of October, Skate Canada, the second event of the season in the ISU Grand Prix, previewed the performances of some of the major contenders in the upcoming… Continue reading

My Experience as an ABC

By: Linda Yu No, ABC does not stand for “already been chewed.” It stands for “American-born Chinese.” Growing up in America with a Chinese background means growing up in two different, clashing cultures,… Continue reading

9 Things to Know about Ms. Day

By: Hannah Ryan and Emma Esteves As students, we always wonder about our teacher’s lives, we have asked them, so you don’t have to. We started off by interviewing Ms. Day, a history… Continue reading

Writers and Artists Festival 2017: Sarah Kay

By: Caroline Jung Yes, you’re reading this! That means that you have an interest in writing. Congrats my friend! Did you happen to go to the Writers and Artists Festival a few weekends… Continue reading

F is short for Fanatical

By Lexi Harrison and Anna Doak The HB soccer season started with something less than a bang.  There was no JV team, it had been moved up to Division I, and not all… Continue reading