Why The Wall Won’t Work

By: Grace Zhang 1. It’ll be difficult to get the rights to do so One of Trump’s biggest promises is to build a wall along the Mexican border, and to do it on… Continue reading

Snow Days in Other Countries

By: Ivy Wang After researching about snow days/school cancellations due to winter weather in other countries, I concluded that many countries in the world will cancel for snow but they don’t call it… Continue reading

US Coldness

By: Kate Slesh Some US populations are experiencing colder days than most, especially in Chicago. There have been many articles about Chicago being colder than Antarctica this time of year. Chicago temperatures (with… Continue reading

Netflix Documentaries

by Kate Hickey and Hannah Basali Ted Bundy Tapes Recently, I watched the four-episode mini-series, “Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes.” This documentary takes you from Ted Bundy’s childhood to his… Continue reading

Blizzards in Cleveland

by Cammy Cort Cleveland, Ohio is not known as a place to have terrible winters. The temperatures may drop from time to time but few winter weather events make the news here. As… Continue reading

Adopt Don’t Shop

by Divya Bhardwaj Many people who want a dog prepare by researching the amount of money, work, and time having a dog will take. This is fine. However, some people do the additional… Continue reading

Debate like a Girl

by Zehra Ashruf As a student of the HB community, I haven’t had many memorable encounters with extreme sexism during my academic career. I applaud the HB administration and its faculty for its… Continue reading

The Trendiest Foods of 2018

By Rose Gaudiani  Edible flowers  Whole Foods named floral flavors one of the top trends from 2018, saying that petals can make for a “subtly sweet taste and fresh aromatics.” From botanic beverages to trendy… Continue reading

Celebrity Animals: Doug the Pug

by Emma Esteves Having over one billion video views, along with 12 million followers on Instagram, Doug the Pug is a dog that deserves some special recognition. When I first came across this… Continue reading