Freshman Year Recap

By: Amy Howarth From being a brand new freshman, coming from a different middle school, to almost being a sophomore I have realized that freshman year was a whirl wind. There are so… Continue reading

May Crossword

By Regina Egan With the US government and politics in a frenzy, here’s a judicial branch-themed crossword to quell any concerns you may have about the state of the union! Scroll down for solutions. ACROSS 1.… Continue reading

Asking Teachers About Classes They Don’t Teach

By Stephanie Kaiser and Ainsley Bradbury The end of a school year is upon us, and before we know it, it’ll be August again and we’ll be back here. Chances are, you’re signed… Continue reading

Middle School Slime Obsession

By: Alex Garrow The slime sensation is rocking the nation. Instagram is filled to the brim with images and videos of the gooey obsession and anyone with a younger sibling knows what it’s… Continue reading

People Trump Has Fired While Being President

By: Alia Baig Sally Yates: Sally Yates was appointed as United States Deputy Attorney General by President Obama in 2015. She was the first woman to hold the position and the Trump administration had… Continue reading

Overview of Printmaking

By: Farah Sayed  Printmaking includes a variety of processes that transfer an image from an inked surface onto another, typically through a printing press. Etching grew popular in medieval Europe while woodcut printing… Continue reading

Series of Interviews with The Dynamic Leaders of Hathaway Brown

By: Grace Beedles As the year is finally coming to an end, students have started to look towards next year and the changes being made. Although HB is amazing just the way it… Continue reading

High School Dating but It’s a Nature Documentary

By: Alison Xin [Leaked script of the pilot of a new BBC Documentary] High school is one of the most chaotic – and hostile – environments for the juveniles of the species Homo sapiens.… Continue reading

Spring Playlist

By: Sophia Hanna A motivational songs to get you through finals week and whatever else might come in your way!! includes many motivational songs, some are pop and some are more mellow so… Continue reading

Preseason Athletics

By: Jordan Stacy So… you have decided to play a fall sport. Now what? You have heard about the horror of preseason and are wondering if it is true. Hours of practice in… Continue reading