Reflecting on Course Selection/Capstone Options as a Rising Senior

By Sophie Weyn As we all familiarize ourselves with second semester of our junior year, it’s time my fellow junior class members and I truly dive into the college process. Since the start… Continue reading

A Guide to Natural Disasters: Floods

By Michelle Dong Floods are the most common natural disaster worldwide and the deadliest in the U.S. Floods are defined as a temporary “overflowing of water onto land that is normally dry” according… Continue reading

A Possession Spinoff

by Lexie von Zedlitz My dearest Walter, In a time I know to be my last few days in this world, I write for the purpose of clarity and understanding. I am an… Continue reading

2018 Winter Olympic Highlights

by Annie Greenfield As the winter Olympics come to an end, it is a great time to reflect on the ups and downs of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. I am here to… Continue reading


By: Sukhmani Kaur Dear Hathaway Brown community: After much discourse about which kind of snacks should be sold in the Brown Bag, the HB administration has decided that it is time to promote… Continue reading

CSI Sukhmani- The True Senate Uncovered

by Sukhmani Kaur Everyone always suspected it. Nobody could find any concrete evidence, but everyone knew something was wrong. Yes, I am talking about the HB Senate. There was something… “off”… about this… Continue reading

Special Edition: An Inside Look on How Old Trail Is Out to Get HB

by Regina Egan and Isha Lele It seems that a growing number of former HB Trail Blazers have defected to Old Trail School.  After several startling revelations and first-hand insights, we’ve decided to… Continue reading


by Maggie Amjad Fall of 2018 the Hath will be welcoming their first co-ed high school class. Majority of the males in the class will be coming from University School. The sophomore, junior… Continue reading

Mr. Christ Fails Retirement: Returns to HB

by Kalie Sommerfeld After two years away from the hallowed halls of Hathaway Brown, Mr. Christ tired of golfing, traveling, and running after grandchildren has contacted Dr. Bisselle about making a return to… Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS: HB Art Department Reduced to Single Box of Crayola Washable Kids’ Paints

by Regina EganHathaway Brown recently announced a sweeping measure that would eliminate all existing visual and performing arts programs, instead replacing them with a single box of Crayola Washable Kids’ Paints. One inside… Continue reading