Multiculturalism vs. Internationalism: Ten Years of TAAL

By Fallon Gallagher As I walk down the halls of the classic building, I typically groan at the putrid shade of the Hath’s walls, until right before the admissions office, where my eyes… Continue reading

How the Typical HB Girl Manages her Homework Load

By Kavya Ravichandran Ride home: The hunger is unbearable. Why do we have to have school until 3:17? Why not 3:00? Even 3:15? Today is an exception in that I can go straight home… Continue reading

Bi-Weekly Update with Fallon Gallagher

By Fallon Gallagher This past week, President Obama awarded sixteen influential Americans with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. This honor was the brainchild of former President John F. Kennedy; he established this award,… Continue reading

A Wiggling of the Toe in a Long Journey

By Sarah Adler It was your average morning meeting announcement. Zoe Guy (‘14) and Zita Gratzl (‘14) stepped in front of the microphone, introduced themselves with a “hey guys”, and announced that SWAG… Continue reading

A Bravuras CD?

By Catherine Mullen Have you ever wondered how you can listen to the Bravuras sing besides their concert? There is hope for you as the Bravuras are considering making a CD. Although there… Continue reading

Cum Laude

By Emma Bryan When assigned this article, I was not really sure how to approach it, because I honestly knew nothing about Cum Laude. So, I began by asking people around me how… Continue reading

The Dangerous Bush

By: Jordan Doak Walking towards the senior lot on my way into school, I looked left and… couldn’t look to the right. Directly in my line of vision, there was a bush several feet taller than me… Continue reading

The Misfortunes of the 100th Freshman: The Super Secret Transcript from the Nurse’s Office (Part II)

By Isabella Nilsson Note from the Author: The file in this installment is from the super-secret extra-hidden double-padlocked X-ray-impervious filing cabinet of Ima Heeler, HB Nurse, and was obtained surreptitiously and through the… Continue reading

Attention Upper Schoolers: Visiting Me Won’t Kale You!

By HB Community Garden I know it has been a while since you have heard from me, and only a few of you came to visit me during my growing season, but I… Continue reading

Falling for Fall Popcorn

By Emily Amjad & Madeleine Schroedel During the first Thanksgiving, popcorn was actually a featured guest at the meal. Native Americans have been eating popcorn since the 15th century. We updated the classic… Continue reading