By Li Stebner You’re having one of those HB days. You have lacrosse until nine-thirty and get home at ten, only to find that your three-page history essay must be stapled to its… Continue reading

DIY – October

By Fallon Gallagher The CLE weather is once again fluctuating wildly: temperatures peaked past record highs just a few weeks ago, but there are also trace amounts of frost on my car in… Continue reading

Pool Update

By Sunny Roy Sunny Roy   Most of HB is perplexed about why the pool has been empty since the first day of school. According to Ms. Vayo, Director of Aquatic Programming at… Continue reading

Foods to Boost Your Mood

By Madeleine Schroedel How Eating Right Can Make You Happier According to US News, “dietary changes can trigger chemical and physiological changes within the brain that alter our behavior and emotions”.  This means… Continue reading

Freshman Expectations

By Ava Shome In the Upper School, everyone has their own opinions and expectations for freshman year. The seniors and juniors have very little tolerance for the freshman, and the freshmen are intimidated by everything… Continue reading

Sophomore Expectations

By Aarathi Sahadevan Congratulations Class of 2016! After learning the ropes of the upper school, experimenting with our interests, and being teased by upperclassmen (all in jest, of course), we have finally moved up from the… Continue reading

Junior Expectations

As a junior, there’s one easy answer to the question, “What do you expect this year?” Stress. We are about to embark on our hardest year of high school, at one of the most challenging… Continue reading

Senior Expectations

By Danielle Scharf As we start the new year, the seniors are getting down to business with college application after college application. They enjoy spending time with Mr. Parsons because he definitely makes the process… Continue reading

The Government Shutdown

By Lulu Sun THE GOVERNMENT HAS SHUT DOWN FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 1996! Warning: this article is definitely not 100% impartial and fair, but I do try my best. We were about… Continue reading

How To Handle Getting Set-up at Homecoming

By Jordan Doak My freshman year, I was set up for US homecoming. I’d never met him and I didn’t even have a Facebook at that point in my life, so I signed… Continue reading