HB Snow Days Exposed

By Paige Papesch As we sit in front of the TV, waiting for Hathaway Brown to join the list of schools closed due to the weather; some of us wonder, how does HB… Continue reading

Winter Driving Tips

By Reilly Doak Even though we seem to be nearing the back end of winter; keep in mind this IS Cleveland and anything’s possible. In order to better prepare yourself for the rest… Continue reading

Quick Breakfast Ideas

By Regan Brady As on-the-go HB girls, many of us understand the importance of eating a nutritious breakfast, but we just don’t have time to make this meal a priority. Breakfast is an… Continue reading

Sushi, Henna, and Dreidel: The Heritage Dinner 2014

By Carly Wellener It was an amazing sight to see. A buffet loaded with different and delicious foods from around the world winded through the dining hall fulfilling any enthusiastic eater’s dreams. If… Continue reading

A Very Single Valentine’s Day

By Emma Bryan Well, I guess it’s that time of year again.  The time when we’re overwhelmingly bombarded with red and pink candy-stocked shelves at CVS, tweets from outspoken teenagers about being “so… Continue reading

Debate Recap

By Sunny Roy The debate team has accomplished many noteworthy things this season as it comes to a close and the state tournament on February 28-March 1 approaches. This year 20 from HB’s… Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Throwback: Faculty Style

By Sam Keum It’s that time of year again: Valentine’s Day! From candle-lit dinners to cheezy Tumblr Valentine’s Day printouts, everybody has his or her own way of celebrating this holiday. While it… Continue reading

Why is Everyone So Obsessed with Ivy?

By Community Garden Greetings Upper Schoolers, Gossip Garden here.  Had you forgotten me in the drudgery of winter? Well I have been braving the cold, drowning in snow, AND most importantly, staying caught… Continue reading

Travel Journal: India

By Mia Yeager One of the favorite parts of the trip and my favorite part to talk about was our time in Dharamsala, a city tucked in the Kangra district in the Indian… Continue reading

HB Takes India

By Lulu Sun Our global scholars have recently returned from their India trip, and have brought back stories of their experiences. The favorite part for many of them was visiting Dharamasala, located in… Continue reading