The Groundbreaking Anti-Social Media Device!

By Carly Wellener Do you find the never-ending action of social media simply exhausting? Are the stresses of having to make decisions about what to retweet, “like”, or reblog becoming too much for… Continue reading

HB Girl Guide: How to Grow a Beard

By Regan Brady and Lina Ghosh Going to an all-girls school, we are fortunate enough to not have to deal with that awkward stage where boys begin to sprout and flaunt their mustache… Continue reading

Severe Alterations? Totally.

By Caroline Jobson Severe Alterations? Totally. As teeth gnaw their way through the lacquer of stubbed number two pencils, the palms become slick with sweat. Heartbeats quicken as minds fixate on a single… Continue reading

Goodnight, Stressed Finals Student

By Isabella Nilsson Goodnight, Stressed Finals Student Goodnight, Stressed Finals Student….. Goodnight lost eight hundred dollar history textbook, Goodnight, Stressed Finals Student. Goodnight ability to keep calm when freshman take long in the… Continue reading


By Aarathi Sahadevan Even if you are one of the many HB girls who took 1000 or more AP tests in the last two weeks, or are eagerly anticipating your last hair-raising finals,… Continue reading

The Rules of Junior Year

By Jaime Spain So you are sweet sixteen–ending sophomore year, entering the liege of Upper Classmen, and what is known to be the most hellish year of your high school life. Here are… Continue reading

10 Reasons Why Freshmen Balcony Seats are Better: A Message to the Class of 2018

By Lane Chesler After the departure of our beloved seniors, the freshmen in balcony seats have grown depressed. Of course we will miss being belittled in the halls. Of course we tear up… Continue reading

Summer ’14 Playlist

By Ava Shome A couple of songs to kick off your summer! Listen Here. Summertime Sadness – Lana Del Ray Video Games – Lana Del Ray Blue Jeans – Lana Del Ray Yellow… Continue reading

Summer Reads

By Hannah Yarhaus and Brady Furlich

Nutella Stuffed Cookies

By Madeleine Schroedel and Emily Amjad Nutella-stuffed… Nutella. Stuffed.   Need we say more?   Okay, okay–we’ll keep going. If nutella isn’t enough for you and you are also wanting to emulate the… Continue reading