iDon’t Speak to My Friends

By: Kavya Ravichandran   This is 2014, and smartphones are all the rage. If you’re not constantly Snapchatting from your iPhone or tweeting from your Android–let’s face it–you’re archaic. I mean, who doesn’t… Continue reading

Breaking Dress Code: Honest Mistake or Accidentally on Purpose?

By: Savannah O’Sickey   Each year at the Hath, more steps are put into place to enforce the dress code. This year, the ante has been upped to a Saturday detention following three… Continue reading

Top 10 Senior Thesis Tips

By: Catherine Mullen Start early! Avoid procrastination at all costs. A thesis is NOT something you can write the night, or even the week, before.   Avoid Wikipedia. Since Wikipedia is notorious for… Continue reading

Brown Bag Featured Snack: Nutella and Friends

By: Kavya Menon   We returned from our restful and relaxing summers to find some incredible new snacks in the Brown Bag. Actual chips, and not the baked stuff they used to try… Continue reading

HB Teachers Around the World

By: McKenna Ritter From the beaches of the Jersey Shore to the plentiful pasta of Italian countryside, see what your teachers have been up to over the past summer break.    … Continue reading

Which Keresztesy are YOU?

By: Alley and Audra Keresztesy Find out which member of the Keresztesy Clan you most resemble!

Five Tips for Freshman and Senior Buddies

By: Caroline Jobson Looking to become closer with your Freshman or Senior Buddy? Check out these tips to expand your friendship!   Make an effort to say hi in the hallways. If you… Continue reading

Fall Fashion: Do’s and Don’t’s

By Molly Coughlin DON’T: Flip Flops. I now they’re easy to throw on on your way out but summers over and it’s time to cover up those toes. Think of it this way,… Continue reading

10 Creative Ways to Say “NO” To Joining a Club

By Izzy Catanzaro Clubs fair took place last week and watching the fair was basically like watching those insane monkeys at the rainforest. It, as usual, was extremely entertaining to watch the bewildered freshman,… Continue reading

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie-Muffins

By Madeleine Schroedel and Emily Amjad Combat the chilly temperatures with these soul-warming cookies! Puffed up like muffins after they bake, they taste like classic pumpkin pie. But with chocolate chips, so, better.  Ingredients:… Continue reading