Identity Through Tradition

By Isabel Weil As we sit on the itchy carpet, and primary schoolers tug at our shirts and loose locks of hair, we wonder why we still have to do this. Legacy day… Continue reading

Meet the Author: Ben Downing

By Li Stebner From Harvard University to Columbia to an apartment in New York City and now to Hathaway Brown School, this Halloween, Ben Downing visited HB to talk about his writing experiences. Downing is a… Continue reading

The Misfortunes of the 100th Freshman: The First Day (Part I)

By Isabella Nilsson All names have been changed. Ever since utero, when in the early second trimester she absorbed her twin, Mindy Z has been really, really, really, (really) unlucky. The day she… Continue reading

Artist Spotlight: Fallon Gallagher

Your Handwrting Speaks for Itself

By Sue Roy Your scribbles on the back cover of your math notebook can express a lot about your personality. Cue graphology, or handwriting analysis, which analyzes the type, size, and other elements… Continue reading


By Li Stebner You’re having one of those HB days. You have lacrosse until nine-thirty and get home at ten, only to find that your three-page history essay must be stapled to its… Continue reading

DIY – October

By Fallon Gallagher The CLE weather is once again fluctuating wildly: temperatures peaked past record highs just a few weeks ago, but there are also trace amounts of frost on my car in… Continue reading

Pool Update

By Sunny Roy Sunny Roy   Most of HB is perplexed about why the pool has been empty since the first day of school. According to Ms. Vayo, Director of Aquatic Programming at… Continue reading

Foods to Boost Your Mood

By Madeleine Schroedel How Eating Right Can Make You Happier According to US News, “dietary changes can trigger chemical and physiological changes within the brain that alter our behavior and emotions”.  This means… Continue reading

Freshman Expectations

By Ava Shome In the Upper School, everyone has their own opinions and expectations for freshman year. The seniors and juniors have very little tolerance for the freshman, and the freshmen are intimidated by everything… Continue reading