Should there be Grades in Art Classes? YES

By: Gigi Protasiewicz In many conversations, I have experienced people complaining about having to receive a letter grade in art class. Their main argument tends to be that art is subjective. They say… Continue reading

My Mom’s Shoes  

By: Sue Roy There are almost like Keds, Size 8.5, Just like my sister and I, Practical, sneaker-like, flat. My mom is like that, Practical and always thinking, Always moving, always loving. Her… Continue reading

Planet 55 Cancri E is a Girl’s Best Friend

By: Emily Spencer When it comes to diamonds bigger is better, but imagine a diamond bigger than our entire planet; it would be pretty hard to put on a ring. Planet 55 Cancri… Continue reading

Happy Holidays To All!

By: Crystal Zhao and Addie Klimek Thanksgiving, one of the most well known American holidays, is just this week. To us, it is a time for family, food, and football. People around the… Continue reading

Giving Thanks Around the World

By: Caroline Jobson Whether your family chooses to celebrate Thanksgiving in the traditional sense or opts for a less conventional method, one truth is evident: regardless of the culture or custom, we show… Continue reading

Getting Placed in a New Lab for SREP

By: Maya Razmi Do you like Science? Would you like to work in a lab with real scientists? Do you like to discover new things in the world of cutting edge science? If… Continue reading

Top Ten Things I Wish I Would Have Done as a Freshman…

By: Catherine Mullen Played a Fall Sport- It would have been the best way to meet some new people before schools started. Realized what subjects I actually liked the best—Now I wish I… Continue reading

The King Has Returned

By: Val Mischka   The King has returned! Time to dig up those jerseys or repurchase them after you burned them four years ago. That is what all the newspapers, newscasters, and the… Continue reading


By Brady Furlich and Sam Keum TWO PARTS= DOUBLE the FUN, ENTERTAINMENT, SASS, and HUMOR! Part 1: Part 2:

Quiz: Which HB Center Do You Really Belong In?

Created by Becca Lambright and Bessie Toohey When the time comes for you to write your thesis, you’ll be happy you took this personality quiz!