The Top 10 Reasons HB is the Best Place to be a Senior

By: Catherine Mullen We can leave school during the day. Who can say that they went out to breakfast, came back for calculus, took some pictures in photo, and then went to lunch… Continue reading

Soldier On, Freshman!

By: Haley Yahraus From every time period recorded in history and within every place known to the world, age-related prejudice has affected nearly all people born into ordinary lives. One of the points… Continue reading

Are You For or Against the Dress Code?: A Look at Both Sides

PRO: Kavya Ravichandran CON: Lizzie Poulos PRO: We all seem to think that HB’s dress code is oppressive and closed-minded. We can’t wear jeans or sweatpants or leggings or, really, anything comfortable. I… Continue reading

Teacher’s Pet Peeves About Students *we’re sorry*

By: Molly Sharpe Last week, I asked some of your favorite teachers, “What is your biggest pet peeve about students?” and this is what they said: Don Southard: “My biggest pet peeve about… Continue reading

Quiz: Which Instrument Should YOU Play in the HB Orchestra?

By Becca Lambright and Bessie Toohey Take the Quiz to see what instrument you should play!

If Aliens Started Attending Hathaway Brown School for Girls (a few brief situations that would arise)

By: Laura Mueller and Rebecca Weinberger International Relations The Center for Global Citizenship changes its name to Center for Universal Citizenship to appease all students. Joe Vogel announces trips to Mars, Neptune, and… Continue reading

What’s Really in the Senior Room?

By: Alley Keresztesy The senior room, moved last year from the back of the student center to the grotto, remains a mystery to many underclassmen. Although more underclassmen have been in the secretive… Continue reading

The Girl Who…Remembers Being the New Kid

By: The Girl Who Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, a new school year is just that: new. Everything from the drink options to the new teachers between the time you bid… Continue reading

College Interviews 101: Do’s and Don’ts

By: Emma Bryan It’s fall, and that means that the college process is in full swing for many seniors.  Along with this comes numerous interviews with college representatives, college sport coaches, and alumni. … Continue reading

H(APP)Y? HB’s Guide to Apps

By: Sukhmani Kaur Mobile apps were introduced in the summer of 2008 by Apple. Since then, the download and utilization of apps has increased exponentially with each passing day. According to comScore, apps… Continue reading