Reasonable Doubt: Tidal and the Ever-Changing Music Industry

By Morgan Whaley With the scroll of twitter, my life changed. I see a hashtag called #tidalforall and so, curious, I’m wondering what is Tidal. So of course, being in the 21st century… Continue reading

QUIZ: Which Spring Sport Should You Play?

Blazer Basketball 2015 Wrap Up

By Ellie Cascio and Taylor Herrick This year the Blazers had an amazing season, ending with the title of District-Runner Up. Being such a young team, the Blazers grew and excelled on the… Continue reading

Teach a Girl to Fish?

By Kelsey Rich If you’re anything like me, after that electives assembly you want to sign up for every single elective next year and become as skilled in every awesome art or involved… Continue reading

Naviance: Friend or Foe

By: Lizzie Crotty If you are a Junior or Senior you probably know all about Naviance. If you are a Freshman or Sophomore you may have absolutely no idea. For those of you… Continue reading

AJAS Recap

By Kavya Ravichandran Electing to spend Valentine’s Day at a science conference, six science-y upper schoolers attended the AJAS annual conference with adult chaperone extraordinaire Dr. Crystal Miller: We left bright and early on… Continue reading

Dealing With Stress

By Lizzie Poulos As an HB senior, I have had to learn pretty quickly how to deal with stress. I have been through numerous AP classes, the college process, balancing extracurricular activities and… Continue reading

if we were honest about conversations with crushes

A Comic by Haley Yahraus

HB Swimming and Diving States Recap

By Izzy Catanzaro The HB Swim and Dive Team had a great showing this weekend at the Division II Ohio State meet. The team came in 3rd place overall behind the meet champions… Continue reading

Senior Thesis Progress

By Jordan Doak Everyone knows about the dreaded senior year thesis process, and going into it, everyone wants to think that they won’t fall into the same trap as the seniors before them… Continue reading