Basketball vs. Swimming: Examining the Differences

By Katrina Frei-Herrmann and Brett Parsons Swimming & Diving and Basketball are the only two winter sports at HB. With these being the only ones occurring during this time a year, there are… Continue reading

Thank You To Alumni, Donors, Teachers, and the Overall Community!

A Video By Clear Lenz

HB Kindness Chain

Found at the Hathaway Brown Youtube Channel: Spreading some joy around school!

Blazer News Network- November 24, 2014

By The Broadcasting Class: Olivia Warhop, Riley Whitmyer, Ellen Young, Maren Butler, Fiona Blumin

GROW Holiday Fundraiser

By: The GROW Publicity Committee

Mo Goes to Art School: Comic

By: Gracie Mowery

Should there be Grades in Art Classes? NO

By: Isha Lele When I was in primary school, art class was my favorite part of the day. I was never very creative, or even had that big of a passion for painting,… Continue reading

Should there be Grades in Art Classes? YES

By: Gigi Protasiewicz In many conversations, I have experienced people complaining about having to receive a letter grade in art class. Their main argument tends to be that art is subjective. They say… Continue reading

My Mom’s Shoes  

By: Sue Roy There are almost like Keds, Size 8.5, Just like my sister and I, Practical, sneaker-like, flat. My mom is like that, Practical and always thinking, Always moving, always loving. Her… Continue reading

Planet 55 Cancri E is a Girl’s Best Friend

By: Emily Spencer When it comes to diamonds bigger is better, but imagine a diamond bigger than our entire planet; it would be pretty hard to put on a ring. Planet 55 Cancri… Continue reading