So, how was your winter break?

Isabelle Arnson · Zoe Harvan · Tatini Mal-Sarkar · Grace Yi · Megan Callanan · Gurbani Kaur · Amanda Keresztesy · Lena Ransohoff · Brenna Scully Isabelle Arnson How was my winter break,… Continue reading

The Honor Code

Created by Maddie Stambler and Isabelle Arnson · Featuring Isabelle Arnson, Zoe Harvan, Tatini Mal Sarkar, Stephanie Poland, Vanessa Smith, Michelle Yang, Sabrina Bhaiji

Class of 2013 Flash Mob

“Stick to the Status Quo” · Filmed and edited by Maddie Stambler · Organized by Isabelle Arnson and Stephanie Poland · Starring HB’s Class of 2013

Meet the Managerial Board

“Meet the Review Managerial Board” · Created by Isabelle Arnson and Maddie Stambler