Cleveland Sports

by Amy Howarth Indians The Cleveland Indians have had a pretty successful season this year Won 102 out 162 games Amazing players this year Francisco Lindor- shortstop and has an amazing batting record Andrew Miller- finished most games pitching because of his talent Corey Kluber- starting pitcher Bradley Zimmer- was new to the Indians and... Continue Reading →

Where Am I From?

By: Lindy Connors “57th and 1st.” Until second grade I had a definite answer; my home was Upper Midtown of Manhattan. I identified as a New Yorker with all the sass and strong navigational skills one naturally develops.  With my father’s thick Long Island accent, my mother’s ability to converse with any stranger, and my... Continue Reading →

Gun Control

By Aambar Agarwal 58 people shot dead. More than 500 left wounded. The deadliest mass shooting in American history happened in Las Vegas, on Sunday, October 1. The shooter was found dead in his room. His girlfriend claimed that she had no idea that her boyfriend had been planning this. Gun control has become a... Continue Reading →

Pride and Prejudice Book Review

By Aaryana Sethi In this classic work of fiction written by Jane Austen, proud, intelligent, and obstinate Mr. Darcy of an affluent family meets Ms. Elizabeth Bennet, a girl that is of a less than wealthy family, yet just as sharp and witty as himself. Their initial loathing turns into mutual respect, and eventually into... Continue Reading →

8 Reasons Why Every Girl Loves Fall

By: Claire Adornato Perfect Weather It’s not too cold nor too hot. Fall weather is just right. Girls don’t have to worry about constantly sweating, or looking like a burrito wrapped in layers. The temperature creates a sense of coziness, warmth, and comfort. Clothes The clothing for this time of the year is absolutely perfect.... Continue Reading →

Seasonal Flavors Out This Fall

By: Jessica Bruening Now that we’re about halfway through the month of October, fall is officially in full swing. Many brands release limited-edition, seasonal flavors of their products this time of year. After looking through what’s on the shelves, here are the options that seem worth trying out. Although temperatures are starting to drop, it’s... Continue Reading →

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