Wanted: Faculty’s Babies

By Lane Chesler Why: Wanted for crime of taking over the hearts and minds of Hathaway Brown. Below are    descriptions of said babies. If found, please cuddle until their parent arrives. Name:… Continue reading

Unfair Detention Policy?

By Emily Amjad Rolling out of bed on a dreary Monday morning, I pressed the home button on my iPhone. Of course it was already 7:30 and I was going to be late… Continue reading

Around HB: “What are you thankful for?”

By Sunny Roy With Thanksgiving just having past and almost another year coming to an end, the HB community took the opportunity to step back and reflect. Students and teachers told me all… Continue reading

Pressure and Stress: How to Deal

By Ava Shome Every HB high schooler has experienced stress. When most students have the frantic schedule of 5 tests and 3 quizzes in one day and a paper due the next, when is… Continue reading

Bi-Weekly Update with Fallon Gallagher (12.8)

By Fallon Gallagher Reports emanating from South Korea claim Jang Song-thaek, uncle of North Korean dictator King Jong-Un, has been dismissed by the regime. Reports began circulating when people realized that there had… Continue reading

Multiculturalism vs. Internationalism: Ten Years of TAAL

By Fallon Gallagher As I walk down the halls of the classic building, I typically groan at the putrid shade of the Hath’s walls, until right before the admissions office, where my eyes… Continue reading

How the Typical HB Girl Manages her Homework Load

By Kavya Ravichandran Ride home: The hunger is unbearable. Why do we have to have school until 3:17? Why not 3:00? Even 3:15? Today is an exception in that I can go straight home… Continue reading

Bi-Weekly Update with Fallon Gallagher

By Fallon Gallagher This past week, President Obama awarded sixteen influential Americans with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. This honor was the brainchild of former President John F. Kennedy; he established this award,… Continue reading

A Wiggling of the Toe in a Long Journey

By Sarah Adler It was your average morning meeting announcement. Zoe Guy (‘14) and Zita Gratzl (‘14) stepped in front of the microphone, introduced themselves with a “hey guys”, and announced that SWAG… Continue reading

A Bravuras CD?

By Catherine Mullen Have you ever wondered how you can listen to the Bravuras sing besides their concert? There is hope for you as the Bravuras are considering making a CD. Although there… Continue reading