Are you Twitter? Or the ‘gram?

By: Lane Chesler Find out what social media network you are on this quiz!

a day in haikus

By: Rebecca Weinberger 1. a new year, a new class page. dear haikulearning, thanks for functioning 2. my handwriting looks nice in this word let’s admire it for 12 minutes 3. i stayed… Continue reading

The Realities of a High School Winter Break

By: Lane Chesler When it came to winter break, the Urban Dictionary’s wise definitions of modern phrases accurately represented the stereotypical opinions of Hathaway Brown students as, “A time so joyful and relaxed… Continue reading

Upper School Students’ Resolutions for the Year of 2015!

By Sukhmani Kaur Dear Diary, Today is a snowy, rainy, sunny, foggy, (Welcome to northeast Ohio) day. 2014 was a year full of wonderful memories. These fun pages of the 14th book of… Continue reading

The 16 Best Things About Being a Junior

By Alley Keresztesy Being an Upperclassman. Follow my lead, sophs. (Most of you) can drive! buuuut you can’t leave campus yet. 😦 Cutting the pizza line full of freshmen. WATCH OUT FOR THE… Continue reading


By McKenna Ritter We all know Cleveland winters to be particularly harsh. Despite having to park worlds away, there are ways to stay warm on your way in each morning. Jog into the… Continue reading

Outrage Over One Direction

By: Maaryah Malik Article that this is primarily based on is located here. (You don’t have to read it, but the piece will make more sense if you do.) Terrorist jokes.  Not funny.… Continue reading

The Unicorn Update

By: Amanda Merritt Current Season: Build Season In this edition of The Unicorn Update: KICK-OFF! Community Outreach 2015 Kick-off On January 3rd the team gathered at HB to watch the grand unveiling of… Continue reading

Q & A with the Australian Exchange Students

By: Carly Wellener This past November and December, sophomores Hannah Selhorst, Emma Picht and myself hosted three students from Ravenswood School in Sydney, Australia for five weeks. Hannah hosted Ali Westmore, Emma hosted… Continue reading

A Non-Artist Walks Inside An Art Room

By: Maaryah Malik In an art room, paint brushes will have been used countless of times by eager hands itching to put work on a page.  Once used, the paint brushes will start… Continue reading