The Ivy Effect: Freshman (Part II)

By Lane Chesler With snow in the air and applications sent out, seniors are frazzled and distracted by the mere thought of college.  Some have committed to the college of their dreams while… Continue reading

The Ivy Effect (Part I)

By Sue Roy Shortly after entering high school, you can be sure that you will be asked the following question: “So what college are you planning on going to”? A half-response is typically… Continue reading

Laments of an HB Vegetarian: Meat Overload

By Isabel Weil At the sound of the bell, masses of hungry teenage girls flood down the atrium stairs and into the lunchroom. We push, we shove, perhaps even trample a freshman to get… Continue reading

And the Nominees Are..

By Brady Furlich The dresses. The music playing when speeches go a little bit overboard. The choked back tears of Leonardo DiCaprio as he loses yet another nomination. Ah yes, the Oscars. Hollywood’s… Continue reading

The Lineup: Playwriting Festival 2014

By Sunny Roy February 21st & 22nd This year’s student produced playwriting festival features short plays that range from dramatic transformations to hilarious skits. The five plays this year, completely written, directed, and… Continue reading

Female Stereotypes

By: Ines Zippe For those of you that watch Gossip Girl, which judging by Twitter is a good 75% of HB girls, you know that the two main girl characters are Serena and… Continue reading

The College Process: Not Expecting Much

By Emma Bryan Now that the second semester of my junior year is underway, it’s time for me to begin making decisions that will undoubtedly decide the trajectory of my entire life.  By… Continue reading

The Most Stressful Time of the Year

By Ava Shome One of the most stressful times of the year comes right before winter break: midterms! You spend so much time studying and learning all of the material at the beginning of year… Continue reading

Course Scheduling 101

By Kavya Ravichandran Know what you still need in terms of graduation requirements, especially if you are a sophomore or junior. You don’t want it to be the middle of your senior year… Continue reading

Hopes for Second Semester

By Regan Brady Now that the first semester has finally drawn to a close, everyone is eager to start the second one off on the right foot. First semester was a time for… Continue reading