Open Letter to Marshmallows: A Fluff Piece

by Yardena Carmi Dear Marshmallow, First of all, why? And how? Marshmallows are about the most improbable food item I could think of. Quick research (thank you, Wikipedia) shows that the preparation of… Continue reading

Creative Fall Crafts

by Jennifer Wang As we sit around in warm sweaters, sipping apple cider and dreading weather we would wish for in the Spring, Fall offers yet another enticing side to its charm. It’s… Continue reading

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

by Zoey Zelman The month of October is when we celebrate Halloween, realize it’s getting colder outside, and when we become more aware of the disease that is breast cancer. According to Medical… Continue reading

Halloween Playlist and Movie Recommendations

by Maria Perilla Whether you’re waiting on trick or treaters or hanging out with friends, here is a music playlist along with some movies to get you ready for Halloween. Warm up some… Continue reading

The John Oliver Effect

by Isha Lele and Leonela Serrano Throughout time, comedy has been the source of relief and laughter for people – essentially an escape from reality. However, comedians often have an even larger impact… Continue reading

Innovation. Design. Engineering. Art. : An Inside Look at HB’s IDEA Lab

by Chloe Schwartz The basement route is the same as ever. Fourth grade murals stretch across the walls of the basement corridors as Vivaldi’s Gloria echoes from the choir room. But as you… Continue reading

Spotify vs. Apple Music

by Taylor Herrick, Marisa Lancaster, and Christine Coyne Since Apple’s recent release of their new music-streaming app, Apple Music, you may have felt conflicted as to where to keep your music listening priorities,… Continue reading

Opinion on Kim Davis

by Jasmine Hanna-Funk Everyone has seen or heard a disobedient child before; they’re loud and obnoxious but never for good reasons. Once, when I was in a store, a little boy was mad… Continue reading

Why I Don’t Want a Phone

by Brice Bai This is the age of technology—nowadays, it’s not even an uncommon sight to see even young toddlers tapping away at their own mobile devices. Adults and parents are checking emails… Continue reading

A Fall TV Show Guide

by Molly Gleydura and Stephanie Zhou Shows to Watch Once Upon a Time Once Upon a Time is a show about storybook characters living together in a small village in the real world. The… Continue reading