What’s Up With the Business & Finance Center?

by Emily Coffey HATH CAFF The Business and Finance Center, one of HB’s many splendid designated centers, has started new initiatives this year and found many ways to provide students with hands on experience with different aspects… Continue reading

Fall Fashions

by Kristina Mullen and Emma Borrow Take this quiz to discover what fall fashion style you should try! http://www.playbuzz.com/kristinam15/fall-fashions

Social Media: Friend or Foe?

by Ines Zippe Most of us remember childhood days spent wrecking coloring books, running wildly around playgrounds, and getting our hands and feet dirty in some good, clean fun. If you had a… Continue reading

How to Get Enough Pumpkin Spice in Your Life This Fall

by Grace Amjad It is now officially fall; we still need our pumpkin spice. I know many of us love our pumpkin spice lattes, but those of us who don’t need some other… Continue reading

Halloween Recipes

by Val Mischka Happy Halloween! October is the month of treats and candy, so here are few delicious and fun recipes you can make this month! Enjoy!   Reese’s and Pretzels Witch Brooms… Continue reading

Why is this happening? Thoughts on Gun Violence in the United States

by Savannah O’Sickey Why does this keep happening? This fall it seems as if once a week a notification pops up on my phone notifying me of another shooting. 3 dead. 2 dead.… Continue reading

The Adventure: Part 2

by Kshama Girish After starting my campaign at age 13, I went back this past summer to continue my adventure This past year I went through the process of fundraising for the first… Continue reading

An HB Girl’s Guide to Studying

by Lilly Rothschild As HB students, I’m sure you have heard it all. Every teacher gives their own studying tips and of course all of this is useful, but study habits can vary… Continue reading

My Summer on Exchange

by Maggie Amjad This past summer I was privileged enough to travel across the world and spend five weeks with an amazing host family in Sydney, Australia. I had always known I wanted… Continue reading

Invisibility Cloak comes to the Real World

by Claire McKenna Currently scientists are in the process of making every Harry Potter fan’s dream come true by developing the world’s first invisibility cloak. Almost every person who has either read the… Continue reading