Questions with Featured Clubs: French Club Edition

By: Anna Lietman and Evie Schumann Early Tuesday morning, we were fortunate enough to speak with Lizzie Poulos, one of the two presidents of French Club. However, we did not have the opportunity… Continue reading

Inside Retrospect: What You Really Didn’t Want to Know About This Year’s Editors

By: Maggie Amjad and Roxana Moazami Believe it or not, Retrospect is not run by monkeys or the English teachers, and although we are easily convinced that HB girls’ writing is so fabulous… Continue reading

Dear Seniors…

By: Kavya Menon   Dear Seniors,   In your moments of anxiety and stress that come with applying to colleges and waiting for their answers (I promise that all of you WILL get… Continue reading

Overheard in the Hallways of the Hath

By: Rachel Lowrie Through the sea of backpacks and binders, waves of conversation flow through the hallways in between classes and free periods. Fragments of gossip and out-of-context exchange splash into the ears… Continue reading

If Teachers were Celebrities…

By: Izzy Catanzaro & Ines Zippe   Have you ever wondered which A-list celebrity your teacher is most like? Well, after much deliberation, we have matched up some teachers with celebrities for you!… Continue reading

An Appeal to Change the Cleveland Baseball Team Name and Mascot

By: Lizzie Poulos (Reminder: this article is a representation of my individual opinion on this subject, and the reader has every right to question and/or disagree with what I say. I ask only… Continue reading

Improving the Blank Page

By: Addie Klimek   Italian greyhound lived off from a chaise, Beating a smooth courboullion for the right windpipe and clearing the sillabub of the world council of churches   When I walked… Continue reading

Comic: College Process

By: Gracie Mowery


By: Megan Dorogi   I see it, all the time. Him outside my door in a dark gray T-shirt, knife in one hand hammer in the other, moments from shattering the fragile doorframe and… Continue reading

Cafeteria Etiquette: Basically How to Be Kind in the Dining Hall

By: Anna Fiscarelli-Mintz Oh, the dining hall. That lovely place of food, camaraderie, and perpetual chaos. It serves hundreds of students, teachers, staff and guests all day every day. And while lunch is… Continue reading