Top Ten Things I Wish I Would Have Done as a Freshman…

By: Catherine Mullen Played a Fall Sport- It would have been the best way to meet some new people before schools started. Realized what subjects I actually liked the best—Now I wish I… Continue reading

The King Has Returned

By: Val Mischka   The King has returned! Time to dig up those jerseys or repurchase them after you burned them four years ago. That is what all the newspapers, newscasters, and the… Continue reading


By Brady Furlich and Sam Keum TWO PARTS= DOUBLE the FUN, ENTERTAINMENT, SASS, and HUMOR! Part 1: Part 2:

Quiz: Which HB Center Do You Really Belong In?

Created by Becca Lambright and Bessie Toohey When the time comes for you to write your thesis, you’ll be happy you took this personality quiz!

The Man in the Maroon Jacket

By; Sunny Roy Boom! I squinted my eyes, half closing them, not wanting to look but looking anyways as our car slammed into the rear of the car in front of us. All… Continue reading


By Jordan Doak One of my favorite days last year started when I was sitting in one of those plush chairs in the Writing Center. I was pouring over a middle school science… Continue reading

How to Not Get Ill

By Emma Bryan Remember Ebola?  Well, that never actually hit the Hath, but what actually did is quite possibly even worse.  Every year around this time, countless students forego the health of our… Continue reading

A Fuller Life: How Alexandra Helped Me Break Out of Prison

By: Aarathi Sahadevan October 31st was a wet and gray day, making it ideal for those warm, deep discussions and connections that we all hoped for at this year’s writer’s festival. Equipped with… Continue reading

Check Your Privilege: The Truth Behind the Posters

By: Kacey Gill Looking around the hallways a few Wednesdays ago, signs reading “CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE” plastered the walls. Check. Your. Privilege. These red and black signs hung on every door and every… Continue reading

Staying Positive During the Fall and Winter

By Haley Yahraus With the bitter and brisk cold, the shorter days, the lack of sun, and the dread of midterm exams looming over us, it’s nearly impossible to stay positive during the… Continue reading