What If Scary Stories Took Place at the Hath?

By Carly Wellener The Legend of the Sleepy Hallway (aka Sleepy Hollow) There would be no “Sleepy Hollow” out in the woods. In the Hath edition, this story would take place in the… Continue reading

Fashion at HB: A Commentary on Yoga Pants and More

By Anonymous Fashion at HB is pretty simple – same old same old clothes; Vineyard Vines sweatshirts, J Crew pixie pants, Free People sweaters, and some Doc Martens. There are few exceptions to… Continue reading

Between Two Freshmen: Olivia Geaghan

By: Brady Furlich and Sam Keum

Sports Scores October 13-17

By: Taylor Herrick and Ellie Cascio Field Hockey: Varsity: Lost, Friday vs. Maumee 3-2 JV: Lost, Tuesday vs. Hudson 3-0   Tennis: Varsity: Saturday, Lauren Gillinov Singles State Champion! Saturday, Ally and Catherine Doubles… Continue reading

Got Jeep?

By: Ines Zippe   For sophomores here at Hathaway Brown, there is constant buzz surrounding the topic of driving and when everyone will finally receive their license. Upperclassmen can relate, since the excitement… Continue reading

Mental Health in America

By: Isabella Nilsson   There is a problem in America. It’s not poverty and it’s not racism and it’s not bureaucracy and it’s not the stagnant economy and it’s not the lack of… Continue reading

What Should you be for Halloween?

By: Maaryah Malik Click on the picture to take the quiz!       Photo Source:  http://crystalbastrology.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/halloween.jpg    

iDon’t Speak to My Friends

By: Kavya Ravichandran   This is 2014, and smartphones are all the rage. If you’re not constantly Snapchatting from your iPhone or tweeting from your Android–let’s face it–you’re archaic. I mean, who doesn’t… Continue reading

Breaking Dress Code: Honest Mistake or Accidentally on Purpose?

By: Savannah O’Sickey   Each year at the Hath, more steps are put into place to enforce the dress code. This year, the ante has been upped to a Saturday detention following three… Continue reading

Top 10 Senior Thesis Tips

By: Catherine Mullen Start early! Avoid procrastination at all costs. A thesis is NOT something you can write the night, or even the week, before.   Avoid Wikipedia. Since Wikipedia is notorious for… Continue reading