TOP 10 Photos From Falling into Fall Photo Contest

Thank you to all who submitted to the photo contest! We had over 110 ENTRIES!!  Presenting the top 10 photos! Congrats! 1st Place; Alley Keresztesy (11th Grade) 2nd Place; Lauren Kahn (12th Grade)… Continue reading

VIDEO: The Do’s and Don’ts of Parking at the Hath

By Lizzie Crotty and Kelsey Rich

Interviews with the Fall Sports Captains

By Ellie Cascio and Taylor Herrick As the fall seasons come to a close, an era has ended for these fall captains. Get to know them below! Field Hockey Max Meals is found… Continue reading

HB’s Guide to Flavored Water

By Brett Parsons As I’m sure everyone has noticed, there several choices for water at the Hath’s lunch nowadays. I had a few fellow freshmen try all the waters provided one day at… Continue reading

Dear America, Thank You for Not Throwing Acid on Me” – American Women : A Commentary on Twitter and Feminism

By: Jordan Doak You might’ve seen this tweet before:   … And at this point, as I was, you were probably thinking about how horrible her situation was. … And then you saw… Continue reading

Rules of the School: The Library and the Hallowed Silence It Should Have

By Emily Amjad I sit in the library, coat on, head down, fingers typing. There is a girl next to me desperately trying to work on her test, but she can’t focus because… Continue reading

Book Review on Fahrenheit 451: A Book That Burns (Almost Literally)

By: Chloe Schwartz “‘We need not to be let alone. We need to be really bothered once in a while. How long is it since you were really bothered? About something important, about… Continue reading

Techniques on Intimidating Upper Schoolers: An Inside Scoop from Teachers

By: Aarathi Sahadevan Ninth Grade. I can still remember the bright eagerness I had so deeply vested in preparation for that most anticipated of years. Being as wise as I was, I knew… Continue reading

Google Calendar: The New Online Agenda

By Amaya Razmi This year, the Freshmen class has been using a new system to keep track of classes and homework: Google Calendar. This system is a way to sync all of the… Continue reading

Welcome To Cleveland: Fall Edition

By Kat Holleran We all live in Cleveland, but you haven’t really seen its full potential until you take part in some of the cool activities happening about. Here is a list of… Continue reading