Do It Cheer Tutorial!

By Alyzah Quereshy

9 Things to Calm Your Nerves in Preparation for Midterms

By Morgan Whaley Midterms got you stressed out? Get psyched guys! Midterms are coming up! Now, you’re probably wondering why we’re so excited, right? We are in school for two hours each day for… Continue reading

Basketball vs. Swimming: Examining the Differences

By Katrina Frei-Herrmann and Brett Parsons Swimming & Diving and Basketball are the only two winter sports at HB. With these being the only ones occurring during this time a year, there are… Continue reading

Thank You To Alumni, Donors, Teachers, and the Overall Community!

A Video By Clear Lenz

HB Kindness Chain

Found at the Hathaway Brown Youtube Channel: Spreading some joy around school!

Blazer News Network- November 24, 2014

By The Broadcasting Class: Olivia Warhop, Riley Whitmyer, Ellen Young, Maren Butler, Fiona Blumin

GROW Holiday Fundraiser

By: The GROW Publicity Committee

Mo Goes to Art School: Comic

By: Gracie Mowery

Should there be Grades in Art Classes? NO

By: Isha Lele When I was in primary school, art class was my favorite part of the day. I was never very creative, or even had that big of a passion for painting,… Continue reading

Should there be Grades in Art Classes? YES

By: Gigi Protasiewicz In many conversations, I have experienced people complaining about having to receive a letter grade in art class. Their main argument tends to be that art is subjective. They say… Continue reading